The new fashion of the tuk-tuk camper

What if we do the next holidays by tuk tuk? Yes, the very famous light vehicle that in many parts of Asia is used, essentially, as a taxi, can also be a camper.

It may seem like a weird gimmick, one of the bizarre ones that are often devised by advertisers and attention seekers, but the tuk tuk that is also a camper is a serious idea. Functional, economical and even comfortable.

Now, obviously it’s not really a spacious and comfortable camper like the four-bed ones, with living room and kitchen, yet in a small space there is everything you need on the road. This is because in the structure, however small, every square centimeter is used to the best.


There is a bed, of course, but also a small work space with a table lamp, two wall units for storing your luggage and also, knowing how to move and adapt, all the space you need to eat. In short, if it rained, we could not only sleep dry, but also have lunch and dinner.

The tuk tuk is transformed into a camper thanks, above all, to a project that provides a very light and comfortable structure. The moderate weight allows you to transport the camper anywhere, without effort. If our tuk tuk is powered, this translates into reduced fuel consumption. In the case of a tuk tuk that rides on pedals, our fatigue will be reduced.

And there’s more: the price of our camper-tuk tuk is minimal. With less than six thousand euros you can have different types of this hybrid vehicle, and for those who want to go up to eight thousand, you can also get “luxury” models. In short, for our next holidays it is an idea to be considered very seriously.

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