The owner of the Spurs assures that they will not move from San Antonio

Given the rumors circulating regarding a possible relocation of the Spurs in Austin, Peter J. Holt clarified that they do not plan to leave Saint Anthony under any concept.

The Spurs moved from Dallas to San Antonio in 1973 and have remained there ever since, winning five NBA titles during Gregg Popovich’s successful tenure as coach.

However, fans were concerned by the latest rumors that have been sparked by the team’s request to play two home games a season in Austin. Anyway, the reason behind this decision would simply be to expand the brand. The G League team already serves as a home in Austin.

The franchise owner finished off the rumors with a statement shared by the Spurs on Twitter: “Dear San Antonio. I love you. I love this city. It’s a great city with a casual, small-town atmosphere and a great team of basketball”.

“I want to assure you that the Spurs are in San Antonio to stay. There is no Spurs without the city and the people of San Antonio (…) Spurs fans: we are here to stay. For life,” he concluded.

Foto: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images


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