Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

The “paw Melchior” is already being felt


COUNTY COUNCIL. A simple meal of vows “informal” with representatives of the press makes it possible to understand where is coming the new chairman of the Department. I mean, the reconciliation in his camp and attended a Meeting where it “unleashes energy”.

“wishes of happiness, love, sharing and especially health.” Traditional, the first vows to the press of Cyril Melchior. In truth, the invitation to the editors of the various media of the island wanted to be “informal”. But the new chairman of the Department had prepared a little speech, as if to give the tone of his administration.

And indeed, one begins to feel what will be the “paw Melchior”. Starting with a keen sense of finance, his specialty. Surrounded by his new chief of staff, Jean-Claude Lancelot, came from the private, his cabinet director Julien Hoarau, DGS Pierre Bayle, but also of Daniel Gonthier, councilor and mayor of Bras – Panon, the president wants his community to “free up the energy, economic initiatives, solidarity.”

For him, “the election is past, I don’t want an assembly of divisions between majority and opposition, but the elected officials who are acting in the interests of Reunion, and not according to partisan interests.” Moreover, he does not doubt that the divisions formed in his own camp will go away with time “because I believe in democracy.” He adds, in passing, that three commissioners county have joined his majority: the St. – Marien Remy Lagourgue and the Saint-Paulois Patrick Dorla and Jacqueline Henry.

The finance, therefore, will be controlled more closely by Cyril Melchior, the budget guidelines to be discussed at the end of the month, with the known constraints. “First of all, the increase of expenditure relating to the benefits of solidarity, such as the RSA, AAH… Then, decreases in allocations from the State and the new golden rule that limits the operating expenses. A difficult equation that we can still resolve without compromising on our commitments.”

The president wants to, in any case, “a Department that is offensive” because the community is “well-managed with a high level of debt under control.”


Among the priorities, “to increase our shares in favor of our gramounes” and to create a vibrant “silver economy” (the economy due to an aging population) “accounting for 92 billion euros in the national.” Example: the Houses of the hospitable family, the first of which will soon be inaugurated in Saint-André.

finance, according to Cyril Melchior, can even be used to inject more in the order public: “We are currently at 100 million, but we have the ability to go up to $ 130 million.” Finally, a clear priority, supported contracts: “I form the wish that they are maintained in 2018.”

Cyril Melchior took advantage of the moment to remind the modernization plan of the Sdis, which will include the delivery of five barracks, new or renovated, and the project of a training centre for firemen (as well as the installation of a first aid station at Mafate).

And since the president wants to “release the energy”, he does not fail to quote Voltaire, for whom “The freedom of the press is the basis of all freedom.” “You are a privileged channel which transmits the information to the population at the same time as you we advise on some of the failures that require correction on our part. For us you are an early-warning system.” Message received.

David Chassagne

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