“The Phoenix” at “The Masked Singer” 2021: Fans sure – it’s HE

“The Phoenix” at “The Masked Singer” 2021: Fans sure – it’s HE

“The Phoenix” on “The Masked Singer”.

Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

If you like it colorful, you will love it: Because “The phoenix“Couldn’t be more colorful. He was also on the first episode of “The Masked Singer“At the start in 2021

No question, “The phoenix“Optically catches the audience’s eye the most. But what exactly distinguishes it?

“The Phönix” competes in “The Masked Singer” in 2021

It is the most elaborate mask in “The Masked Singer“In the fifth season. 5000 feathers fill the costume, on top of that 4000 blazing flames that were attached by hand. A real masterpiece!

“The Phoenix” consists of 14 individual parts, each of which has huge throws. Why? Very simple: To generate the transport as relentlessly and simply as possible.


“The Phoenix” on “The Masked Singer”: The clues

  • Lives in 540 after the solstice
  • Has its own comic book
  • Is the bearer of light and brighter than the pole star
  • His mission in life is to spread joy and confidence
  • A golden coin flies past him
  • His mission: to preserve the spark of life, to defend it against evil
  • Carries the spark in his amulet
  • When the spark goes out, the fire goes out too


“The phoenix is ​​the most elaborate costume this season. Actually even the most elaborate costume of all seasons so far. We worked on it for an incredible long time. A fantasy structure that is second to none, ”explains Dressmaker Alexandra Brandner, who invested 1,100 hours of work to make the“ Phoenix ”appear in full splendor.

The fans already have guesses as to which star could be under the mask. Among other things, they are already guessing Conchita Wurst and have no doubts that it must be her.

Since it looks like “The Phoenix” is sitting in a wheelchair, the jury suspects Samuel Koch to be behind it. The actor has been paraplegic since an accident on “Wetten, dass …”.

It remains exciting …


The Phoenix: The first tips from the fans and the advice team

  • Samuel Koch
  • Joko Winterscheidt
  • H.P. Baxxter
  • Teddy Teclebrhan
  • Max Giermann


Anyone who wants to see the phoenix live and action can do so since October 16: every Saturday at 8:15 p.m.


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