the poignant letter from a former teacher to deputy Georges Dallemagne (cdH)

Suddenly, this reader wrote to the deputy cdH and she testified about her experience, of this father whom his children resigned themselves to place in a nursing home, in view of his state of health. And of this end of life which has turned into a nightmare.

Terrible disarray

We will respect the anonymity of this lady, because it is her will. As we will also ensure the anonymity of the nursing home, as it is not for us to judge what has been done right or wrong during this period which is quite appalling for so many people across the country. But just the testimony of our reader says a lot about the distress of the residents and their relatives, and much worse when the first cities did not come out.

« Confession »

Here are some excerpts from that letter which the complainant called “Confession”. As a cry for help too, the words appear at the end of the letter.

This former teacher lived with her 96-year-old father, “suffering from a cured and stabilized cancer” … But a father at the end of his rope despite the beautiful bond that united them.

The old man is therefore placed in a nursing home and his children visit him every day. “He is spoiled, pampered … Even too spoiled, the staff will tell us,” wrote our witness.

“Dad sits all day in a wheelchair he can’t handle on his own. Our last visit was on March 10. We learn the next day that the residents are confined to their rooms because of the Covid (There will be no case in this nursing home)… We see Dad by video conference. He doesn’t understand and beckons us to come. His reactions, his energy, his gaze, his words gradually diminish, until they become weak, even absent. It’s the feeling of total abandonment… ”

► “We were unjustly robbed of the life and death of our father”: here are some extracts from this letter.

Great interview with Georges Dallemagne: “We need serological tests every 3 months”


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