The Pope: let’s stop judging others, love heals life – Politics

“What is the greatest disease of life? Cancer? The pandemic? No … the greatest disease of life is the lack of love”. Pope Francis said this at the Angelus. “How many times – he then invited to reflect – do we throw ourselves into wrong remedies to satiate our lack of love? We think that success and money make us happy, but love is not bought. We take refuge in the virtual, but the love is concrete. We do not accept ourselves as we are and we hide behind the tricks of exteriority, but love is not appearance. We look for solutions from magicians and gurus, only to find ourselves without money and without peace “. “Let us finish judging others, Jesus asks us for a non-judgmental but welcoming look so that only love heals life. May Our Lady help us to bring a caress to the wounded, to the wounded in the heart and not to judge the reality of the person, of others “. Pope Francis said this at the Angelus, insisting on the invitation: “Do not judge – he added – and let live, love others and try to live with love”.

“Jesus does not look at the whole as we do, but looks at the person – said Francis commenting on the passage from the Gospel in which Jesus heals an” impure “woman marginalized by society -. Jesus does not stop in the face of the wounds and errors of the past, but it goes beyond sins and prejudices, we all have a story and each of us in his secret knows well the bad things of his own history. But Jesus looks at them to heal, instead we like to look at the bad things of others. sometimes, when we fall, we fall into chattering, gossiping about others. But look at what horizon of life this is, Jesus instead always looks at the way to save us and not at the bad story we have, Jesus goes beyond sins, Jesus goes beyond prejudice does not stop at appearances, Jesus’ style is to approach “.

“Sister, brother – he then exhorted -, let Jesus look and heal your heart, look around you and you will see that so many people who live next to you are wounded and alone, they need to feel loved. Jesus asks us for a look that is not true. stop to the exterior but go to the heart, a non-judgmental gaze. We finish judging others, Jesus asks us for a non-judgmental but welcoming gaze, we open our hearts to welcome others because only love heals life, Our Lady of Consolation help us to caress the wounded, to the wounded in the heart and not to judge, not to judge the personal and social reality of others. God loves everyone, do not judge, let others live and try to approach “with love.


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