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The possible abolition of the National School of the Judiciary worries students and teachers

The National School of the Judiciary in Bordeaux. – Clement Carpentier / 20 Minutes

  • According to several media, the President of the Republic is considering the closure of the National School of the Judiciary located in Bordeaux.
  • The Ministry of Justice and the NHS management do not wish to comment on this rumor. "
  • On the side of some teachers and students, there is necessarily a little worry.

"When it's fuzzy, it's because there is a wolf," as one Martine Aubry said. This sentiment, some people share today when asked about the future of the National School of the Judiciary (ENM) in Bordeaux. And for good reason. While The echoes announce that the removal of it is among the measures taken by Emmanuel Macron after the great national debate, it is impossible to have a confirmation or a denial of this information by the authorities. "I saw this rumor," "No comment," slip on the side of the Department of Justice or the cabinet of the Minister,
Nicole Belloubet.

Meanwhile, a member of the government says that this great school of administration is in the hot seat in The Parisian. But it will not be deleted. Shade. So it's difficult to find one's way: "When there are such big presidential announcements as was planned for Monday night, it is possible that even the Keeper of the Seals is not warned upstream to avoid a maximum of leaks" explains
Guillaume Didier, former spokesperson of the Ministry of Justice under Rachida Dati and Michèle Alliot-Marie.

A rumor that nobody wants to comment

What leaves doubt this expert in communication, it is precisely the non-communication of the teams of the president for a few hours: "If it was false, the Elysee would have denied right away not to let this idea spread. There, we leave clearly doubt. I think it's weird. And it is not on the side of the ENM that we will see more clearly since the direction of the school "refuses to comment on this rumor. Orders are the orders. No question of adding to the cacophony.

To find more untied languages, you have to turn to teachers and students. And here is a little surprise: "I saw that. It surprises me when we know that ministers spend their time coming to see us and to say good things about the school. It would be a serious mistake to delete it! Marion recalls. This magistrate thinks that "there is a huge lack of awareness of the recruitment of a school like the ENM. "

A tweet from the school in response to Macron

Moreover, this Wednesday noon, the National School of the Judiciary split a tweet far from innocuous to recall the results of its preparatory classes "Equal Opportunities. "A device that" promotes students fellows and those from the political districts of the city and rural revitalization areas. " "I do not agree at all with this premise that states that we are far from people and in a reproduction of the elite," says Jean-Baptiste, a student-in-training to become a judge.

He underlines how "this school is of a high quality and allows by its structure to guarantee the independence of justice in France. So it's very disturbing to hear about suppression. Now wait until the next speech by Emmanuel Macron. In the meantime, the ENM will continue to train its 1,000 students (including 50% in professional reconversion) because this Wednesday, the doors of the establishment of Bordeaux were still wide open …

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