The presenter of the Xbox channel Brazil is fired after receiving various threats

Xbox Brazil has fired the presenter of its official YouTube channel due to to threats of assault, death and rape that the journalist has been receiving since last September, when she took office. Is about Isadora Basile, hired through GMD, the agency that is responsible for the production of audiovisual content for the Xbox brand in the country. Basile herself has confirmed it through a Twitter message:

At the beginning of September, when I announced my new job at Xbox Brazil, I suffered harassment of all kinds, from people telling me that I had not played this or another game, or that I was not worthy of my job, even death and rape threats. Thanks to the help of my family, boyfriend and friends, I learned how to deal with this, but the attacks continued. Due to these messages, Microsoft has decided that it is better to cut links and leave my position as presenter to avoid exposing myself to situations like this. I respect the decision made by Microsoft, my love for the brand remains the same. Thank you very much.

Xbox Brazil has also released statements through Twitter

We have made changes to our content strategy that comes originally from Brazil. The result is that we will have fewer communication channels. We thank Isadora Basile and the agency’s talented team for their creativity and contribution to Xbox News. Xbox Wire Portal will be the only news channel from now on. The YouTube channel Xbox BR will continue to experiment with new ways to entertain Brazilian gamers.

Basile has offered more information during his interview for the Brazilian portal “The Enemy”

I was expecting a bit of controversy, but there are certain messages that I definitely did not expect.

Many people threatened to rape me, many people threatened to kill me, or told me that I was not worthy of my work.

The process of leaving her presenter position was not easy: “I feel helpless. I have accepted the Microsoft brand with all my heart, I did more than necessary. I loved my job. I lost it because people don’t know what respect is“.

Although Xbox Brazil prefers not to cover the subject directly, Basile only has positive words for the brand “Microsoft is a company that cares a lot about women, they always put women in front, always protect them in every possible way. They gave me so much support, I couldn’t have wished for a better performance from them throughout this process. “

The industry of Video game He has been living controversies related to machismo for years, both from within (development teams) and from outside (the players themselves).

It does not mean that sexist attacks have increased but that they are becoming more and more visible thanks to social networks. The start of this internal “war” can be set in 2014, the year in which it emerged the gamergate movement, a cyberbullying campaign against all kinds of women related to videogames, from developers to journalists.

In recent weeks, other controversies have plagued the industry, such as the reveal that Cyberpunk 2077 developers must work overtime to finish the game on time.


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