The President of Paris-I "dismayed" by the "capharnaum" of the Tolbiac site

The President of Paris-I "dismayed" by the "capharnaum" of the Tolbiac site

Georges Haddad denounces “violence, drugs, sex itself” on the site and “bandits waiting for the right moment to rob the university center”.
The president of the university Paris -I Panthéon-Sorbonne was alarmed, Tuesday, April 17 in the morning, the situation on its Tolbiac site, blocked and occupied since March 26 by students and activists opposed to the law changing access to higher education: “I have a hard time to describe [the site] so much I am dismayed by the state of center , a real shambles. Violence, drugs, sex itself. I’ve been told, and I think it’s true, there are things that are unworthy. ” said Georges Haddad on the set of news channel CNews.
In Tolbiac, are also held, according to him, “Parties, so-called rave parties: Friday night, Saturday night, hundreds of young people come feast in Tolbiac center » . Qualifying the situation of “Pre-insurgency” and fearing ” the worst ” , the president said “Desperately waiting for the center to be evacuated” by the police: “I’m waiting for the police intervention. (…) Will I be obligated to make directly call the Ministry of the Interior? ”

On April 11, Mr. Haddad asked for police intervention to lift the block, especially after the discovery of Molotov cocktails in Tolbiac. But the police has so far excluded such a sensitive operation in this 22-storey tower.
“A topographical feature in Tolbiac”
During his televised interview on BFM-TV on Sunday, the head of state, Emmanuel Macron, stressed the existence of “A topographical feature in Tolbiac” : ” It’s a tower. It’s almost more dangerous [Intervene] that not to intervene . ” However, “When a president says that his university is blocked and that the blockage is not made mainly by students, I totally assume that he is asking for the use of the police” he added.
Emmanuel Macron also said: “In all universities where there are paralyzed amphis and unacceptable violence, students are often in the minority. These are groups and “professionals of the disorder”, for to quote Audiard. Mostly violent groups that lead a project policy whose purpose is disorder. ”
A postponement of the exams evoked
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Monday, the student union UNI, ranked right, announced the filing of a new appeal against the police headquarters for “Release Tolbiac and allow students from power there pass their exams in good conditions » .
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Asked about the amount of material damage, Haddad said Tuesday, they approached the million euros and said to fear especially that “The computer equipment is looted, devastated or destroyed” . There is, according to him, among the occupants “Bandits waiting for the right moment to rob the center ” .
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As for the partials, the president of the university declared that his preference would be “Rather” at “A postponement, so that we are in serenity” . “The exams will be held in good and due form (…), it is out of the question to give chocolate diplomas for students » , he insisted, taking again the expression used Thursday by the head of the State.

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