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The president of UKIP, Gerard Batten, defends the raped "satire" of the European Parliament candidate Politics News

The chairman of UKIP defended a candidate who said that he would not even rape Labor MP Jess Phillips.

Gerard Batten called the commentary "satire" and praised Carl Benjamin, who was selected last week as a deputy for the Southwest region.

Mr. Benjamin had previously written in a tweet to Ms. Philips, "I would not even rape you."

Mr. Batten defended the post and told the BBC show "Andrew Marr Show": "I think that was satire."

British opposition Labor MP Jess Phillips speaks on March 23, 2019, on an election campaign organized by the pro-European population for a second EU referendum in Parliament Square in central London. Hundreds of thousands of pro-Europeans The UK was expected to march through London on Saturday and called for another referendum on EU membership.
Jess Phillips mocked the "deluded little boys"

Mr. Batten described the candidate as "classically liberal" and said, "I do not know the exact context, and I certainly do not accept such remarks, but he is not a bad person when portrayed.

"He's an advocate of free speech, the context in which he said it was satire against the people he was talking about, he actually made no verbal statement."

Mr. Benjamin – a YouTube creator with a large following – reportedly sent the tweet in 2016 when he wrote to Ms. Phillips, "The people who talk about rape are not fun, but are equivalent to the course."

The Labor MP later said she had received more than 600 rape threats in one night.

After Mr. Batten's defense, Ms. Phillips said her husband had asked, "Is this man a satire?"

She told The Sun: "These people are deceived, little boys who can not deal with a woman without talking about rape and violence."

The elections are scheduled to take place in May
In the 2014 European elections, UKIP won the most votes

In the EU Parliamentary elections in 2014, UKIP won the most votes – 24 out of 53 UK MPs.

But now there are only seven left.

Former Chairman Nigel Farage is now leading the Brexit party, which will face UKIP in the European Parliament elections – if they take place.

The UK Government has stated that it will act if the divorce agreement with the EU is not ratified by Parliament before the election day, which begins on 23 May.


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