The Prime Minister raises the tone of a notch

Prime Minister Christian Ntsay issued a call to order to law enforcement and the population yesterday during a meeting of the joint national design body in Ambatondrazaka. This meeting follows in particular a case of kidnapping of three young people which occurred in Morarano Chrome, district of Amparafaravola in recent times. ” We cannot tolerate the inaction of the authorities which generates insecurity and concern among the population “, he launched.

« The three hostages were abducted from Morarano Chrome, and they were released at Anjozorobe. We cannot accept that the kidnappers were not found and arrested while we mobilized hundreds of law enforcement “, regretted the Head of Government who is indignant in relation to this situation described as “unacceptable”. The Prime Minister notably insisted on the need to take a decision and adopt a strategy to deal with it.

If kidnapping in urban areas has been slowed down in recent years in large cities such as Antananarivo or Toamasina, that of rural areas has grown considerably in recent times, completely degrading rural security already undermined by thefts of zebus by the highwaymen or “daholo”. Unfortunately, this happens in the central highlands, mainly around Anjozorobe or even Tsaratanana.

To the great regret of the current regime, it is the head of state, Andry Rajoelina, who is singled out and described as incapable. The Prime Minister, however, indicated that it is the local authorities and the executors who do not do their job properly ».