World the "progressive" government covers the debate

the "progressive" government covers the debate


The Congress is annulled in the most uncomfortable part for the "progressive" Government, the one that matches the opposition. At the same time that in the coming weeks it will be the stage to give way to an implacable offensive by the left-wing government with very ideological load reforms, that make, or so they intend, that for ERC it is very difficult not to add your vote, and that do not imply expense to the Budget.

Moncloa has already seen that there is the "field" to advance in the construction of the story of the two Spains, the "progressive" versus the "rights", and also use this "noise" to cover what it can bring Unexpected and uncomfortable the Catalan way, out of your control.

Euthanasia, educational reforms, changes in special education are just some of the examples of this "social agenda" that the Government will activate immediately to start the Legislature with a high intensity image and an absolutely polarizing agenda . The key is that the measures do not affect the public budget, where the margin is very limited and is overseen by Brussels,

These plans and the cancellation of the parliamentary debate fit into a context in which the majority of the investiture is not consolidated as a parliamentary majority. That is why the change of day of the meeting of the Council of Ministers, which from Friday have passed to Tuesday, in a studied lace that completely dislodges the opposition's agenda. With difficult arrangement, even if the proposal of PP and Citizens is accepted to try to adjust the work of the Lower House to the change of script that imposes on all levels the fact of advancing the meeting of the Ministerial Cabinet. This leaves the plenary session on Tuesdays, turned off by the press conference in which the agreements adopted in the Council are informed. And the control session is also pulverized to the Government on Wednesdays, held in old questions and out of context even if the registration closing date is modified to present them. Until now it was Thursday, although exceptions were accepted until Friday afternoon, as a result of the Council of Ministers. And even some exception could be introduced on Mondays.

Looks are deceiving. And even the government is not as weak as it could be intuited from the hard negotiation of the investiture. Not even the opposition has it so easy to tear it down. The coalition of lefts has given the first signs that it is willing to go for all in the political and judicial matters to endure and the appointment of the former Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, is one of the best symbols of what in the opposition begins to fear that they are coming.

"These are determined to annihilate us and they are already making it very clear that they will not have scruples when it comes to using all possible means to do so." The reflection comes from the less political sphere and more from the strategic analysis of the main opposition party. And the same fear reveals some citizen leader who observes from the autonomous government action how the pieces are relocated on the national board.

Catalonia is the weakest part of the "progressive" government because of the crossed interests that coexist in the general game of deception in which each party tries to be safe from "burning." Another one of the erroneous impressions and installed in the public imaginary is that ERC does not want autonomous elections. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, wants them and Esquerra needs them. In both cases to get rid of the pressure of the bilateral negotiating table.

For Moncloa, elections are the escape route for their commitment to negotiate from you to you with the Generalitat. They would break with the current Catalan framework, and hope that they will lead them to reissue the investiture agreement in Madrid at the Generalitat. And in this way deactivate the time bomb of the investiture agreements signed with the Oriol Junqueras party. Madrid, for Sánchez; the Generalitat, for ERC. It may sound like the "milkmaid's tale", but it is the basis on which the strategy on the board of the "Catalan conflict" moves in Moncloa.

For different reasons, but ERC is also urged by elections. They know that JxCat will place a hard-to-manage pressure on bilateral negotiation with the objective of profiting failure and frustration in their favor. The more time that passes, the more space JxCat has to be able to provide reasons to claim that ERC "was sold in Madrid for nothing", since they will always place the bar of the objectives above what Sanchez can reach grant them. In a game of trileros in which each party sustains its strategy on a hoax and seeks to deceive the other parties, Esquerra has undoubtedly risked in this investiture movement and the more time he spends, the more chances he has that his cards are exposed .

The opposition also expects that they will not find a medium-term attack on the side of trying to exploit the clash of Sánchez and Iglesias. The new vice president is not interested in breaking the unity of action even though Podemos has been encapsulated in the new ministerial structure. Iglesias aspires to place the social medals. In Catalonia it is not uncomfortable. And you can always say that economic orthodoxy is the fault of the President of the Government.



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