News The Prosecutor of the National Court asks Lotteries to...

The Prosecutor of the National Court asks Lotteries to clarify what happened to the Christmas raffle ball


The Prosecutor's Office of the National Court has urged Judge Alejandro Abascal to request information from the State Lottery and Betting agency about the incident of the Christmas raffle ball that an operator introduced by hand in one of the bombs.

This has been indicated to Efe legal sources, who have specified that after the various complaints that have reached this court, the prosecutor has chosen to urge the magistrate to request such information.

There have been several individuals who after the draw and watching a video on social networks where you could see how the worker introduced the ball, decided to report the fact.

The images gave rise to all kinds of conjectures and even raised a controversy in social networks, as some users came to see in the incident an attempt to manipulate the draw.

In fact, and because of this controversy, the state agency of Lotteries issued a statement the same morning of the draw in which it said: «One of the circumstances envisaged in the process of introducing the balls in the bombs is that some can bounce towards the Exterior".

In that case, he added, "the established protocol indicates that the operator responsible for the introduction of the balls into the drum must proceed to its manual introduction into it."

One circumstance, continued Lotteries, which happened that morning, as could be seen "in some of the images of the process."



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