The Prosecutor’s Office requested the capture of lawyer Diego Cadena, former lawyer of Álvaro Uribe

The Attorney General’s Office presented this Thursday an arrest warrant against the lawyer Diego Javier Cadena Ramírez, former lawyer of former President Álvaro Uribe and prosecuted for alleged witness tampering, after it was revealed that the jurist had left the country.

The request, which was made before a guarantee control judge, was presented “to comply with what was ordered by Judge 43 on December 1 of the previous year, who revoked the defendant’s release due to the expiration of terms which had been granted to the accused by another guarantee judge”.

The investigating entity announced that it will request the substitution of the home security measure for one in a prison center, due to Cadena’s non-compliance with the home security measure, since the lawyer had made a trip outside the country and with this “violated the security measure that sheltered him”.

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