The PS5 Slim, which is only 2 cm tall, was created by YouTuber

We all know that the PS5 is a little beast in terms of size. Love it or hate it, the console borders on disgusting, right? Given: Ongoing Semiconductor Lack It will probably be a few years before we get the PS5 Slim, so hardworking Youtuber: he undertook the task himself. Actually, this is a very funny video to watch. For example, there’s a lot of digestible information about Sony’s original hardware design.

The goal of DIY Perks is to reduce the entire chassis to just 2 cm in height, which, if you have a PS5, will be impossible for you. The way he does this is by almost completely removing his freezing by building a new water system, which he then builds with a huge power block designed to stay out of sight. So it’s kind of a cheat, because you’re actually creating the system. larger if you take into account the fans and the power, but we can respect the effort.

It’s obvious that when Sony creates an actual PS5 Slim, it will work to reduce the device’s overall power consumption, allowing it to reduce cooling components. But since DIY Perks runs on the original hardware, we found this to be a fun watch. Do you expect a smaller PS5 in the future? Limit your system in the comments section below.

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