Many believe that he is waiting for the death of a woman in order to get her money.
            Showman Gauguin Solntsev published in his instagram account a screenshot of the petition demanding the dissolution of his marriage with 63-year-old Ekaterina Tereshkovich. The author of the initiative proposed to solve this issue at the legislative level.

“All such marriages can be reset in court. And to start with this deceiver Gauguin Solntsev, who married only because of Catherine's money and is waiting for her to die. It endangers her life, makes her operations incompatible with life and health. This is an immoral family and spoils the sample of a real family! I ask you to dissolve them through the court, and this will be a lesson for other such fake couples, ”the user writes.

The post was commented on by Gauguin’s subscribers — one of them offered her candidature for the role of wife, and the other said that he was too good for such an elderly woman.

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