“The race of memory”, a beautiful project combining sport and history

Basse Pointe

On the initiative of the educational team of the mixed school A and in close collaboration with the municipal media library of Basse-Pointe, a relay race was organized recently, in tribute to the former long-distance runners from Pointois.

If you talk about AS Etoile de Basse-Pointe with young people today, they will surely talk to you about “football”. Very few know, in fact, the mythical Etoile relay team which made the heyday of the race of Remembrance. Thanks to a project developed at the level of the mixed school A, the schoolchildren were able to walk in the footsteps of the great long-distance runners of the town, the Saban, Romud, Regina…

It all started with a chance meeting between Jean-Jacques Linval,…

France-Antilles Martinique
529 mots – 04.07.2022