The Russians have already joined half the forces. They are running out of advanced ammunition and cannot afford a new one, says the former US general

The Russians do not have much time left to successfully end the war in Ukraine, according to former US General Ben Hodges.

They completely underestimated their “special operation” – they believed that Kiev would fall within two days and that the Ukrainian defenses would soon collapse. For this reason, they did not have stockpiles of advanced ammunition or strategic reserves.

“As we know from past US military operations, the most effective ammunition is extremely expensive and difficult to access.” Hodges wrote for the CEPA security think-tank portal, where he himself works as an expert.

Between 2014 and 2017, Hodges commanded all American forces in Europe and, according to his own words, visited Kiev a few weeks ago.

According to him, Moscow, affected by economic sanctions, cannot afford to buy advanced ammunition now. In addition, some deliveries came from Slovenia and Finland, which stopped exports at the beginning of the aggression.

Russia has already joined half the forces

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