the Sang et Or offer a recital in Bollaert against Udinese

CIt is an honor to be able to find a Félix-Bollaert stadium in fusion after almost a year of silence. Rediscover its Lensoise streets dotted with blood and gold swimsuits from the season, or from another era, sometimes. They were around 13,000 to fill the bays of Bollaert this Saturday July 31. La Marek is packed for this dress rehearsal for the Lensois. Facing theUdinese, the Bloods and Golds had legs that jerked with envy. Back to a recital.

The Marek is packed. – Photo: EDM

Defenders feast

Energy, desire and pleasure. This is what men want to offer their supporters for the big reunion. It only took two short minutes to see the Artesians launch the assault on Silvestri’s goals. The Italian corridors are boulevards that Boura and Clauss take pleasure in visiting. But it was with a set piece that Lens quickly opened the counter. 13th minute, eccentric free kick, Jonathan Clauss finds the penalty spot and the young recruit Christopher Wooh is in the right place to cut. 1-0, first explosion.

Banza assure

Lens is pushed by a twelfth man who does him a lot of good a week before the start of Ligue 1. Three minutes later, it’s Ishmael Boura which capsized Bollaert, 2-0. Stunned by these two goals conceded before the 20th minute, the Italians try to close ranks and go up to pressing. Lens has a harder time finding the spaces. But Lens has learned. If it is difficult to pass in the game, Ganago will throw a lightning counterattack to find Simon Banza who takes over as a pivot. It’s coming in for the third time.

Simon Banza celebrates his goal with his sidekick Jonathan Clauss.
Simon Banza celebrates his goal with his sidekick Jonathan Clauss. – Photo: EDM.

After the break, the Lensois start again on the same bases. Simple instruction: push. Franck Haise’s men leave nothing but crumbs for the Italians who run after the ball. Gaël Kakuta’s technique is a delight for supporters who encourage their leader. Seko Fofana tries again and again, without success. Just come into play, Florian Sotoca thinks about scoring a new goal but his head crashes on the crossbar.

The Udinese reduces the mark thanks to Samir de Souza da Santos (3-1, 78th). Jonathan Clauss miraculously fends off a big shot from Okaka. And without showing more concern than that, the RC Lens will continue to work. Full of daring, David Pereira Da Costa attempts a first strike from six meters, small opposite net, Silvestri is too short. 4-1 for the Lensois (89th). End of the meeting, RC Lens is ready.

Match sheet

Lens – Udinese : 4-1 (3-0)

Scorers: Wooh (13th), Boura (16th), Banza (45th) and Pereira Da Costa (89th) for Lens. Samir (78th) for Udinese.

Composition RC Lens: Leca – Clauss – Fortes – Wooh (Gradit 85th) – Haïdara – Boura (Machado 66th) – Fofana (c, Cahuzac 85th) – Doucouré – Kakuta (Pereira Da Costa 66th) – Banza (Sotoca 66th) – Ganago ( Cissé 77th).

Composition Udinese : Silvestri, Udogieiyenoma, De Sousa, Nuytinck, De Maio, Makengo, Okaka, Arslan Tolgay, Forestieri, Pereyra, Zeegelaar.