The shocking new revelations from a Britney Spears documentary

The “New York Times” unveiled a new documentary on the tutelage of Britney Spears, following the first already produced by the American newspaper in February 2021.

If the first documentary “Framing Britney Spears” provided an understanding of what led to the singer’s legal battle to lift her guardianship, “Controlling Britney Spears” this time reveals how the star has been treated for the past 13 years. . The two films produced by the “New York Times” and broadcast on Hulu and FX, focus on the situation of the star, under supervision for 13 years, who demands his lifting in order to regain his freedom. Under the supervision of her father, the “Baby One More Times” performer was controlled for more than a decade and prevented from living a normal life.

In “Controlling Britney Spears”, the “New York Times” gives the floor to former relatives of Britney, including her assistant Felicia Culotta, who accompanied her since her debut and played the role of mother by her side. Very close to her, the latter was removed from the entourage of the star during one of his tours. Felicia Culotta says that at the time, the father and the team in charge of watching her made her believe that Britney Spears never wanted to see her again and that she would not go back on stage if she continued to work with her. . “Little by little, I no longer had the right to be by his side, I no longer had the right to speak to him without the presence of another person,” she recalls. “I was turned away because I was one of those supporting her and I just once said: ‘If I see something with my eyes, I will repeat it’”.

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Felicia Culotta is not the only one to intervene in the documentary. Tish Yates, in charge of costumes during the Circus tour, says she witnessed shocking scenes, when Britney Spears’ father threatened that she would never be able to see his children again if she made waves, causing the singer to experience real scenes of panic. “The fact that she’s scared really opened my eyes,” she says. She also remembers that the entourage of Britney Spears refused to her any request, even the simplest like that to be able to eat sushi or to have new shoes. The young woman was also forced to work more and more, as she was on the verge of exhaustion. In tears, Tish Yates remembers gifting Britney Spears – whom she considers the nicest and polite star she has worked with – a necklace that she had her phone number engraved on, in case she wanted to contact her one day.

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An approach that confirms the words of Alex Vlasov, former member of the security of the singer who, in the documentary, says that all his communications were monitored. When Britney Spears called for an iPhone, her father Jamie, Robin Greenhill and Lou Taylor – in charge of managing the star – as well as Edan Yemini – at the head of his security team – synchronized his device with an iPad so that they could know. when and to whom she was sending messages. Conversations with his lawyer at the time were themselves wiretapped. “The first rule of the guardianship was never to talk about the guardianship,” says Dan George, responsible for the Circus tour in the documentary. Britney Spears’ guardianship team were so on their toes that they even allegedly started placing members of the #FreeBritney movement under surveillance, thanks to private agents undercover.

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“Who is she to ask that?”

Alex Vlasov, who worked for his security between 2012 and 2022, remembers that during the entire period he was employed by Edan Yemini, everyone told him that the decisions taken were with the agreement of the court but also that by Britney Spears. He was thus convinced that justice had authorized the wiretapping of Britney Spears. “When she first testified on the phone in June, she said the opposite of everything we were told. I heard Britney speak and I believe that was the last step for me to make up my mind to reveal what I knew, ”he comments. Justice documents are also unveiled in the documentary. They reveal in particular that Britney Spears requested at the beginning of her guardianship a test to ensure that her former alcoholic father was no longer consuming alcohol. “Who is she to ask that?”, Would have answered the judge Reva Goetz, in charge of the file of his guardianship at the time. While the star’s lawyer, officially appointed, would have mentioned the fact that his client wanted to marry or have a family, this same judge would have declared: “I do not believe that we have taken any provision against the fact. to get married, but you probably don’t want to tell her that ”.

Britney Spears, now defended by Mathew Rosengart, is fighting to regain her freedom. Thanks to her new lawyer, who has promised to investigate all the gray areas of this tutelage, the singer is gradually starting to free herself from her tutelage. She recently announced her engagement and her father has made it known that he is ready to step back from managing his finances. The next hearing is due to take place on September 29. Another documentary is scheduled for Netflix this Tuesday.

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