The singer Laura Gallego and the actress Melani Olivares introduce us to their most beloved “centenarians”

Centenarians‘, the program that every Monday pays tribute to the oldest Andalusians through their own testimonies, travels to the provinces of Cádiz and Seville. Our reporters meet the centenarians most loved by the singer Laura Gallego and the actress Melanie Oliveres, as well as a sister from the San Andrés Cloister Convent.

Our first stop takes us to Algar, Cádiz, to coincide with Isabel de Juan de Dios. Our reporter Eloy Moreno with the nicknamed “Granddaughter of Andalusia”, Laura Gallego, They bring us closer to the life of this protagonist who, although she started working in the fields, had the opportunity to study dressmaking and even ran a grocery store.

We walked through the streets of the town of Cadiz, we discovered how his passion for sewing has united him with the beloved Andalusian singer and, in addition, we sneak into a costume fit for the artist in his own house. We also review the Laura’s career path from the well-known program “It’s called Copla” with only 16 years to this day.

As a final touch, we chat with Isabel’s friends, who only have good words for her and, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento surrounded by her family, she picks up the program’s diploma with a song for her in the voice of Laura Gallego.

We head to Seville, in particular to the Barrio de la Santa Cruz, to give Isabel gancedo the great surprise that she is one of the protagonists of our program. With unbeatable views of the capital of Andalusia, facing the Giralda, Isabel along with Mónica Martínez tells us how she met love when she was still studying teaching, among many other details of her life.

Our centenary has dedicated 30 years to teaching and for that reason, we are going to take her to the school where her former students and former classmates have her prepared a great tribute for her work in teaching, for having introduced flamenco into the classroom and for having become a second mother to them.

As a great admirer of flamenco, we move to a tablao accompanied by her daughter so that, Melanie Oliveres, one of the best friends of Isabel’s daughter, tell us funny anecdotes about how you met or the many adventures you have shared Through 20 years of friendship. The centennial also receives a message from her admired Calixto Sanchez, popularizer of flamenco, named after a gathering group to which he belonged in his university days.

And if that was not enough, also in this special enclave, your son wanted to be present and they remember how he met the great shrimp and we take advantage of this coincidence to highlight the legend of this flamenco figure. Finally, surrounded by her children and the actress Melani, she receives another emotional recognition with one of the things he admires the most, a good flamenco performance.

We move to Marchena, Seville, to meet with Sister Purification. Together with Cristina López we narrate the story of this 92-year-old woman who, although he was born in Cádiz, has half a century in the Clausura Convent of San Andrés.

She has worked as a nurse and as a seamstress, but from a very young age he had the religious vocation and, when he met two sisters from the Congregation of the Barefoot, decided to dedicate himself to faith.

We are going to discover the convent from within, how is their routine and what are the activities they carry out. The same way, Sister Purificación introduces us to her companions and we meet with the oldest of the place, who is 95 years old and we visit the gardens, orchards, the kitchen where they make delicious sweets that are then sold abroad through a lathe and, until the cemetery that is in the same convent; a walk that gives us allthe keys to life in closure like we’ve never seen before. Also, we take the opportunity to ask the little ones if they know what is the work of the nuns and we remember some of the most illustrious films that have religious women as protagonists.