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The stoutest man in the world is in US jail after "shoplifting in jail in the US"

The world's stoutest man faces jail in the United States after being accused of stealing a freight train and putting it in his mobility scooter.

Paul Mason, who once had to be removed from his home by a forklift truck, has piled up 17 pieces of stone after he got his weight under control by collapsing a relationship.

The 57-year-old also plans to bring free NHS treatment to the UK for his morbid obesity.

Paul's weight has "fallen into free fall" since his separation from his fiancé and has increased from 16 to 35 stone.

He may also be arrested for a major theft after being accused of stealing $ 175 aftershave, perfume, phone chargers, and earphones.

The 57-year-old is accused of having collected in his scooter scooter goods worth nearly 200 pounds

A police report said: "The security forces of the shop did not advise the male party, later identified as Paul Mason, for the items he had in his basket, at approximately $ 225.

He is in court on 15 November.

Paul is also desperate to get a double knee replacement and undergo surgery to repair his abdomen. He desperately wants to return to his home town of Ipswich, Suffolk, so he can get it for free.

In the US, both procedures would throw him back more than 100,000 pounds.

Paul and his ex-fiancée Rebecca Mountain
Supposedly he hid the loot in his scooter

David Pounds, who is producing a documentary about Paul's plight, told the Sun, "He has gained weight again as he copes with the collapse of his relationship and depression. His food addiction has really grabbed him.

"Now he was accused of theft. Paul has safety nets in the past, but now there is nothing that could catch him. "

Inhabitants of his hometown, Paul, who was once 70 kilos, not received with open arms.

Carer Maria Garnham said: "I know it's a disease and I hate anyone who wants to get treatment.

"But returning to the UK and using NHS money if it could be spent on better things like local mental health is annoying.

"I think he will need accommodation in Ipswich again."

Paul had to have him removed from his bedroom by firefighters once because he was too fat to come out in an emergency.

He squeezed 20,000 people daily, including pizza and three takeaways a day.

In 2010, Paul, a former postman, had a bypass that shrank his belly to the size of an egg.

He came to 19 Stein and met his ex-fiancée Rebecca Mountain after she had contacted him after he had seen a documentary about him.

Producer David, however, said that the relationship "lost its balance" and the couple had "other goals".

After they parted, Paul sank back into his old habits and seldom gets out of bed and only stays in the ravines.

His story is told in The Fattest Man, The Big American Adventure. Made by Nevison should be ready this year.



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