The Sudanese girl who raised the sign “I want a groom” is asking for a divorce after her husband ran away with wedding gifts and discovered his truth • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Sudanese girl who raised the banner “I want a groom and I accept polygamy” surprised her followers during a live broadcast, asking for divorce from her groom less than two weeks after their marriage.

She attributed the reason for her request for divorce to running away with wedding gifts and not telling her that he was married to 3 women.

And she said during the video: “After what happened to you, I don’t think I will continue with you, God willing, when you come to Khartoum, we will start divorce procedures.”

And she continued, the question that presents itself is the light, “her husband”, where is it?! .. The light traveled to his Abbasid country.. He was impressed when he saw the gifts and coins.. She presented to us.. He was impressed by her and traveled.

She added, “Al-Nour is the biggest liar husband, and he said that he is married to one woman, and his wife is consenting to our marriage. The truth is that Al-Nour is married to three and I am the fourth.”

And she continued, “I am from the day of the wedding, staying in our house. We waited for him on the second day of Maja. I mean, until the moment he entered me, his mother asked for the groom’s breakfast, and her son did not pay a dowry.”

She directed her speech to her husband, saying: “I said I want a husband to cover me.. A man with a jacket, and you are a scandalous man.. My wife says you lie and you are a liar.”

The Sudanese girl caused an uproar on the social media sites 3 times, the first after standing on one of the signs and raising the sign “I want a groom… and I accept polygamy”, and the second with her marriage, which was attended by hundreds, and the third with her request for divorce.