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The Tatnacht of Chemnitz – Politics

  • The investigation of the prosecutor to the death of Daniel H. in Chemnitz designed difficult.
  • A suspect, Farhad A., is on the run and, according to witnesses, may have been drugged during the night.
  • The defendant Alaa S. denies having stabbed H.
  • According to a court spokeswoman of the district court Chemnitz decides "in the next few days" whether it allows the indictment against Alaa S.

The death of 35-year-old carpenter Daniel H. put the city of Chemnitz in a state of emergency at the end of August last year. Right-wing demos with Hitler's greetings were followed by counterdemonstrations, foreigners were mobbed, neo-Nazis attacked a Jewish restaurant and in the end the head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution crashed , Hans-Georg Maaßen, on the assessment of the riots. The investigation of the prosecution to the death of Daniel H. designed since then difficult: Although the investigators have heard to date more than one hundred witnesses, many of them several times. But apparently can hardly make any useful information on the facts.

At the end of December, the prosecution has now filed charges against Syrian refugee Alaa S., one of the two suspects. The other, Farhad A., is on the run. For information from South German newspaperAccording to testimony, Farhad A. could have been under the influence of drugs at night when he approached later victim Daniel H. at around three o'clock and allegedly touched one of his fingers with the finger Nose touched and inhaled audible.

Right-wing extremism Three months later

Three months later

She had wanted to wait with her visit until the city is less agitated, says the Chancellor in conversation with citizens. Merkel listens – and affirms her often criticized sentence "We can do it".By Ulrike Nimz and Max Ferstl

Witnesses reportedly also reported that Farhad A. regularly consumed drugs. Even the victim Daniel H. could have consumed cocaine. At night, Farhad allegedly hugged A. Daniel H. and discussed something with him. H., however, should have asked him to disappear, whereupon Farhad should have missed him a slap. Then it should have come to blows, as a result Farhad A. was on the ground. Alaa S. was said to have come to Farhad A.'s aid. Together they should then have stabbed Daniel H.

No DNA traces of the defendant on the murder weapon

The police later found a knife with DNA traces of the victim Daniel H. However, on this knife apparently no traces of the now accused Alaa S. According to a report of the forensic medicine could also all the stitches that were inflicted on the victim, come from the same knife.

Alaa S. denies the act. His lawyer had already applied for detention in September 2018 and pointed out that none of the witnesses had given concrete information about the actual facts. However, the court then refused to release Alaa S. from pre-trial detention because, among other things, the main charge witness had unambiguously identified the suspect Alaa S. in photographs and observed from about fifty yards how S. had made stabbing moves against the victim. However, he did not see a knife, the witness said to the police. Apparently, the indictment is based essentially on the statements of this witness.

It appears that the main witnesses have been pressured by various people to revise his statements. According to information from Süddeutscher Zeitung, NDR, WDR and MDR, the witness has already filed a complaint with the police in September. Known suspects of the now accused suspect Alaa S. are said to have visited him and massively threatened. Among other things, he had been beaten with a chair.

Alaa S. is defended by four defenders

Currently, the indictment of the prosecutor against Alaa S. at the district court in Chemnitz, which will decide according to a court spokeswoman "in the next few days" whether it allows the indictment. If this happens, the court will start the trial on 18 March in Chemnitz. Then the court would have to clarify whether Alaa S. is guilty or not.

Alaa S. is defended in court in addition to his public defender from Berlin also by three choice defenders from Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Saxony. Among them is the lawyer Ricarda Lang, who this week has applied for the relocation of the process to another state, because both in Saxony and in Thuringia or Brandenburg public security is at risk if the trial is opened in one of these three countries. The lawyer did not want to comment on request. In her pleading to the district court, she argues that it could come to "massive protests" if the process takes place as planned in Chemnitz. Right-wing groups and parties would use the process for their own purposes, including to campaign for upcoming state elections. Alaa S.'s public defender Oliver Marson did not want to comment on the colleague's request. The spokeswoman for the district court of Chemnitz, Marika Lang, also refused to assess the application and only confirmed that it had been received.

"Germany flags, Hitler salutes": OB Ludwig criticized Chemnitz reporting

This Friday, the Chancellor made her announcement and visited the city, which went through quite a bit in August. The mayor says what she hopes for the visit.Interview by Ulrike Nimz



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