The Toyota bZ4X offers up to 218 electric horsepower and wired driving

The world has known about the arrival of the bZ4X as Toyota’s first electric car, which was directly developed for electric propulsion and not created from an existing conventional car, at least since the concept was introduced in April. Now, however, the carmaker has unveiled it in the production version and added a proper, although still not completely complete package of information.

Thus, the car will be available either with one electric motor on the front axle, which will give 204 horsepower and 265 Nm of torque, or as an ATV with a second electric motor on the rear axle. Such a version will have 218 horsepower and 336 Nm; it is therefore obvious that the rear electric motor will be weaker and the car will rely on front-wheel drive.

We also know the dynamic data – the front wheel can start a hundred in 8.4 seconds, the ATV in 7.7 seconds and the top speed for both versions is 160 km / h. The battery in both versions has a capacity of 71.4 kWh, which is enough for the front wheel for 450 kilometers of travel according to the WLTP measuring cycle.

Only those cars that will have a steer-by-wire system will get a stick instead of a steering wheel.

Photo: Toyota

The pearl from the technological point of view is the steer-by-wire system, ie steering without a physical connection of the steering wheel with the wheels. According to the carmaker, such a system should reduce the amount of vibration in the steering wheel. However, it will not be standard equipment, it will only be available in some markets, and cars will recognize it by the fact that they will have a stick instead of a steering wheel, not unlike the one in the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Another interesting feature in the cab is the movement of the instrument panel from the traditional location under the steering wheel a bit higher – similar to what Peugeot cars offer. This will be common to all versions, as will the large center display, which makes up most of the center console. It looks like the system in it is completely new – the one we already tested at the Toyota Yaris Cross.

The electric drive system is intended to increase the space in the cabin, while the redesigned ventilation system reduces energy consumption for heating or cooling the interior. Among the photos, the carmaker boasts a huge entrance to the boot and states that its basic volume is 452 liters.

The car is based on a completely new e-TNGA platform, which will be used in the future by other models of the brand, of course fully electric. All should be marked “bZ”, ie “beyond zero”, in Czech “after zero”. Toyota by that means emissions; Technically important is that the main objectives in the development of the platform were a low center of gravity, an ideal weight distribution on the axles and a high rigidity of the body.

We expect the complete European premiere at the beginning of December, with the market coming to the next half in next year in the USA, Europe, Japan and China.

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