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The Trump-Deception: At all times, people thought he was doomed to failure

Any other politician would be in serious trouble.

Yesterday, Vanity Fair published explosive allegations by Donald Trump's former personal advocate, Michael Cohen, who said he had heard that Mr. Trump had repeatedly used racist language before he became president.

"Blacks are too stupid to vote for me," said Trump in the 2016 election campaign.

Mr. Cohen described the President's comments to an African American apprentice Kwame Jackson, who completed the last two in the first season of the reality show.

He said, "I can not let this black guy win," Mr. Cohen said Vanity Fair,

Another time Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen drove through a "rougher district" of Chicago.

"Trump spoke to me, saying that only the blacks could live that way," Cohen said.

Mr Cohen was not a particularly credible person at the beginning, and his relationship with the President has deteriorated significantly in recent months. Therefore, take his claims with a healthy dose of skepticism.

But here is the fascinating. This report on Mr. Trump, who allegedly used racist language, was barely noticed. The career of another politician would be endangered, while Mr. Trump threatens no setback.

It is only the latest example of Mr. Trump's unique ability to survive controversy that would undermine his rivals.

On several occasions, the critics of the president have been wrong that he has done something unusual to destroy him.

1. The Access Hollywood Band

Exactly one month before the elections in 2016 Washington Post released leaked material and sound from Mr Trump chatting with TV presenter Billy Bush.

You could hear Mr. Trump bragging about kissing and touching women without their permission.

"I'm not even waiting. And if you are a star, you can do it. You can do everything. Grab her by the pussy. You can do anything, "Mr. Trump said.

Many experts believed that this was a fatal moment for Mr. Trump's campaign.

Even some Republicans, including the future Chief of Staff Reince Priebus in the White House, suggested that he should retire and put another candidate in his place.

It could be said that the situation was serious because Mr. Trump made the very unusual move (for him) to publicly apologize, even as his followers defended the band as a "locker room talk".

A few weeks later, he won the election.

2. His very first speech

Most experts gave Mr. Trump no chance to win the Republican nomination, let alone beat Hillary Clinton. He was treated as a joke candidate; someone doomed to failure.

His famous speech at the Trump Tower, announcing his candidacy, only reinforced this view.

"If Mexico sends its people, they will not send their best," he said.

"They send people with many problems and bring these problems with them. They bring drugs. They bring crime. You are a rapist. I assume some are good people. "

Two years later, he uses a similar language to describe a caravan of migrants approaching the Mexican border. Mr. Trump claims that "criminals and unknown mediators" are part of the group and have implied that some of them are terrorists.

He also fueled the conspiracy theory that a wealthy Democratic donor, George Soros, secretly paid migrants to politically violate him before the election.

Such comments still arouse indignation, but Mr. Trump's critics have long lost hope that his racially charged rhetoric would strike back.

3. Insult a war hero

When his candidacy was still relatively young, Mr. Trump struck a shock against Republican John McCain, a veteran of the Vietnam War.

"He is not a war hero. He is a war hero because he was caught. I like people who have not been caught, "he said.

McCain, who died of brain cancer in August, was shot down over Vietnam in 1967 and taken to a gulag where he was brutally tortured.

When he was offered early release because of his father's position in the US military, Mr. McCain refused to go in front of his fellow inmates, instead he was subjected to more torture.

In the following decades, he became a respected senator and in 2008 was the presidential candidate of the Republican Party. However, when Mr. Trump mocked his notes, it did nothing to affect his support.

4. Dissemination of conspiracy theories

Mr. Trump has always been able to confront his political opponents with a degree of rudeness. He liked to label them with pejorative nicknames – think of "Little Marco," "Crooked Hillary," and "Lyin 'Ted."

Above all, he was never punished politically for spreading conspiracy theories about his rivals.

Mr. Trump spent years strictly lying that his predecessor Barack Obama was not born in the United States. At one point, he claimed private investigators stationed in Hawaii could "not believe" what they had discovered.

He attacked Republican Ted Cruz by pointing out that his father Rafael had been linked to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Mr. Trump said the Clintons had been implicated in the death of a former adjutant, Bill Foster, despite the official conclusion that he had committed suicide.

During a presidential debate, he spread the theory that vaccines could cause autism.

I could fend off conspiracy theories for a while here. Mr. Trump loves them, and the crazier they are, the better. But it never hurt him.

5. Connect people

While Mr. Trump claimed to be a man of the people, parts of his questionable business file appeared.

A more shadowy example was Trump University, a school that promised to teach their students the secrets Mr. Trump had needed for his wealth.

"He's ready to share with Americans like you the Trump process for investing in today's unique real estate market," said an ad for the school.

Thousands of students accused the president of fraud. He had tempted them to book expensive courses that turned out to be worthless.

His rivals, such as Senator Marco Rubio, accused Mr. Trump of being a Conman. He went on to beat Mr. Rubio comfortably in his own state.

After winning the election, Mr. Trump silently settled the $ 25 million fraud case.

6. Fraud with the family of a fallen soldier

Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son Humayun was killed in Iraq by a suicide bomber, opposed Mr. Turmp's idea of ​​banning the entry of Muslims into the United States at the Democratic National Convention.

"If it was up to Donald Trump, he would never have been in America," Mr. Khan said of his son.

"He swears to build walls and banish us from this land. Donald Trump, you ask the Americans to trust you with their future. May I ask you, have you ever read the Constitution of the United States? "

He held up his own copy of the document in pocket size.

"You have sacrificed nothing and nobody."

Mr. Trump accepted the Khan's criticism as an exception and immediately broke one of the iron rules of politics – never attacked the family of a fallen soldier.

"Who wrote that? Did Hillary's scriptwriters write that? "Mr. Trump said.

"I think I have made many sacrifices. I work very, very hard. "

He also hinted that Ms. Khan had stood still on stage and let her husband speak for her religion. She later said she had been invited to speak, but was too upset.

When he became president, Mr. Trump quickly tried to implement a watered-down version of the travel ban.

7. The Comey saga

Mr. Trump is still under investigation for possibly obstructing the judiciary by pressuring FBI director James Comey and later firing.

The dismissal was the trigger for the investigation of the special investigation of Robert Müller in Russia. Some of Mr. Trump's enemies even demanded his removal from office.

This could still be done to persecute the President, but since more than a year went by without consequences, it can be said that he has escaped unscathed for the time being.

8. Offensive hurricane survivors

Mr. Trump came under fire for ravaging a golf trip after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico in 2017 while the mayor of the island's largest city, San Juan, asked for help.

"I'll do what I never thought – begging. Ask anyone who can hear us to save us from dying. If someone is listening to us out there, we die, and you kill us with inefficiency and bureaucracy, "said Mayor Carmen Cruz.

Instead of asking if he could really do more, Mr. Trump took it as a personal attack on him and beat Ms. Cruz, who was sleeping in a shelter at that time because her home was destroyed and spent her days walking through the floodwaters wading trying to help survivors.

He framed it as an attempt by his political opponents to embarrass him.

"The mayor of San Juan, who was very polite a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be angry with Trump," the president said.

"This bad leadership of the mayor of San Juan and others in Puerto Rico who can not bring their workers to help. They want everything to be done for them, if it should be a community effort. "

Puerto Rico is an American territory. To be clear, that was the President of the United States, who attacked American disaster victims because he wanted too much of his help. He felt like a true victim.

George W. Bush's inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina was politically devastating. Mr. Trump's treatment of Puerto Ricans did not cost him anything.

9. Allegations of sexual assault

After the "grave by the pussy tape" surfaced, a dozen women came forward to accuse Mr. Trump of sexual misconduct.

For example, Jessica Leeds claimed he had grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand in his skirt during a flight.

Jill Harth said Mr. Trump kissed her violently, grabbed her breasts and grabbed her genitals. She described it as "attempted rape".

Natasha Stoynoff told People Mr. Trump pushed her against a wall and pressed his tongue into her throat.

Several women described his strange habit of entering changing rooms in beauty contests while the participants were half-naked.

To be honest, Mr. Trump is not the first president to act scary. There were credible allegations against Bill Clinton – even if he set aside the ugly Monica Lewinsky affair – and the Democrats defended him for years.

Yet few politicians survived a dozen allegations.

10. The stormy Daniels affair

Mr. Trump had an affair with pornstar Stormy Daniels while his wife Melania was home with his newborn son. Then he paid Ms. Daniels in the election campaign to silence her. When the details of this payout turned out he lied.

Can you imagine someone else deviating from this story without repercussions?

Infidelity is a tough topic. Many politicians have survived despite affairs. Attempts to cover up these issues, however, are usually catastrophic.

11. All lies

Mr. Trump is so habitually lying that it is difficult to refer to a moment as the one that would have failed him. But many media have long been baffled by the degree of dishonesty and the fact that nobody seems to care.

Just this week, the president casually stated to his supporters at a rally that only three percent of asylum seekers in America appeared at their court hearings. The actual number is 76 percent.

Before the election, he blatantly lied that he had supported the Iraq war, alleging that he had spoken out against it from the outset.

The poor shit on Washington Post I have tried to follow every lie Mr Trump has told as President. Your balance is currently in thousands.

People expect politicians to be dishonest. But usually it annoys her. With Mr. Trump, many still insist that he "says how it is".

He once insisted that he could shoot a man on 5th Avenue in New York, and yet his followers would not abandon him. I start to believe that he was right.


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