The turning point in Verona, Damiano Tommasi brings the center-left to govern the city: “Now let’s turn the page”

On the day of the 55th anniversary of the death of Don Lorenzo Milani, which took place on June 26, 1967, the former footballer Damiano Tommasi he became the new mayor of the city of Verona. He did it by obtaining a victory perhaps even more clear-cut than could have been expected on the eve, winning the 53,40% of the votes against the 46,60% of the outgoing mayor Federico Sboarina.

The city of Verona has therefore chosen its new mayor, has chosen to “turn left”, or at least not to replicate the radical right-wing twist of five years ago, and this despite appeals to the traditionally “right-wing” identity of cities are not at all lacking on the eve of this ballot. The rejection of the Sboarina administration, however, appears to have been clear on the part of the citizens, as well as the electoral strategy of the outgoing mayor who preferred to avoid the formal appearance with Flavio Tosi, although there were many, even within his own party, to ask him to make a different choice.

A mayor supported by the center left, in Verona, had not been seen for fifteen years and the fact that this “event” took place after a mandate among the most ideologically aligned to the “right”, should perhaps make people think even those who governed the city until today. Certainly, today Damiano Tommasi has the task of reconstituting a social fabric that appears to be in need of rediscovering trust in the future, a desire for community, participation and sharing in the fundamental choices for Verona. Ideas that, judging by his post-vote declarations, seem to be in the heart and mind of the newly elected mayor: “When you turn the page it’s never easy, – he said. Damiano Tommasi – you have to write new things and when you write new things you have to have the strength to carry them on, because they will be years of great commitment that await us. Politics must activate the people and we hope that our administration will be able to do it as quickly as possible ».

Damiano Tommasi after the victory: “Verona told in a different way, our way of doing politics rewarded”

In fact, there is a fact on which Damiano Tommasi himself will inevitably have to reflect, namely the high percentage of abstentions both in the first and second round. For heaven’s sake, no one can even remotely try to diminish the importance of the result achieved by Tommasi, also because five years ago in the ballot between Sboarina and Bisinella, 42.39% of the voters voted, while yesterday it reached a ‘turnout of 46,84%. However, the fact remains undeniable that, unfortunately, the largest party is once again that of the “abstainers”. Politics must necessarily question this abstention.

A very important thing, in this sense, Damiano Tommasi He has already said it quite clearly: «I am convinced that many of our projects – he underlined Tommasi – they will also overcome the barrier of the majority, because I believe that Verona must focus on the city, the future of citizens and towns, while we often stop at belonging and I believe that this is a signal coming out of this electoral campaign that has rewarded us and which has also rewarded a different way of doing politics ”. Don Milani wrote that “the problem of others is the same as mine” and called “avarice” the fact of “getting out of it alone”, while he assigned the name of “politics” to “getting out of it all together”. These are things that Damiano Tommasi knows very well, impossible to doubt them. Now, for the sake of Verona, it is “only” a question of seeing them applied to the city government.