The Ukrainian army said it had destroyed a Russian landing craft

The Ukrainian army announced today that it had sunk a Russian landing ship off the Black Island in Had Black Island.

The vessel belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet was hit by an unmanned aircraft, the Ukrainian army wrote on the social network Telegram. She added an undated video of the alleged attack on the ship to the report.

The DPA stated that the veracity of the recording could not be independently verified and the Russian side did not comment on the incident.

The impregnable Snake Island

The Bayraktar TB2 drone destroyed another Russian ship. This time it was a landing craft of the 11770 Serna project. The traditional parade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on May 9 will take place this year near Hadie Island – at the bottom of the sea, “ wrote the Ukrainian army.

Ukrainian media reported on Friday that a Russian frigate had been hit in the same area and began to burn. Neither Kiev nor Moscow has officially confirmed the report.

According to some sources, the damaged ship was the frigate of the project 11356 Burevestnik (Fulmar bird), which are vessels with guided short-range and long-range missiles.

Some sources stated that it may have been Admiral Makarov, which is in the service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, along with two other frigates of the same type.

According to the DPA, it is not clear whether Friday’s and today’s reports relate to the same incident or whether it involves the intervention of two different Russian vessels.

Without air protection

Adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko said today that a Russian Serna-type vessel had been destroyed while trying to transport the TOR ground-to-air missile system to Snake Island. Earlier, according to him, the ground-to-air system directly on Hadh Island was destroyed in another air attack.

“Enemy troops on Hadh Island are now left without air protection and will be destroyed and burned like cockroaches or locusts.” said on the Telegram network.

The DPA recalled that in mid-April, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the cruiser Moscow, also sank near Hadie Island. Russia claims that this happened on a stormy sea when the cruiser was towed to port after ammunition exploded on it.

However, according to the Ukrainian version, the ship sank as a result of the Neptune shot.