News The unified Basque sports card has begun to arrive...

The unified Basque sports card has begun to arrive in Gipuzkoa


The project of a single Movement Sports Card promoted by the Basque Government with the municipalities and municipalities has reached five municipalities in Debagoiena (Gipuzkoa): Aretxabaleta, Arrasate, Bergara, Eskoriatza and Oñati. This is the first access to Gipuzkoa. The ultimate goal is to reach this unified sports card in all the Basque municipalities over the next two years.

The Minister of Culture and Language Policy of Bingen Zupiria, the Mayor of Baraia, Amaia del Campo Barakaldo and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia's Carlos Sergio Achotegui, explained the project's progress on Wednesday, the 15th. . According to a press conference in Barakaldo, this single 'virtual card' has a total of 7,775 users today.

In 2019, 17,116 municipal uses have been registered. Now, with the start of the year, the service has left Bizkaia, reaching Laudio and Amurrio in Álava and, together with it, multiplying sports opportunities in five municipalities of Debagoiena (Gipuzkoa): Aretxabaleta, Arrasate, Bergara, Eskoriatza and Oñati.

According to Minister Zupiria, this project is taking another step in promoting sport and physical activity: “One of the goals set by the Basque Government for this legislation is to promote physical activity and to combat sedentary activity. Our aim is to reach the Movement Sports Card throughout the Basque Country in the near future and to make it easier for all citizens to play sports. We also want to emphasize the importance of bringing the concept of a single card to the three historic territories of the Basque Country. ”

The results of the pilot have been very good. Since the launch of the service, 29,137 users have downloaded the app and 7,775 users have been validated (about 14% of the subscribers in all 9 municipal services participating in the pilot). During the year, more than 17,000 uses were registered between municipalities thanks to the Movement Sports Card (that is, 17,113 times was used for sports facilities in one municipality). All these uses were registered by 2,507 different users (unique users).

Now, after a good balance of the pilot phase of the Moviment Sport Card initiative, the initiative has been extended to the new municipalities of Gipuzkoa and Álava. Thanks to the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Debagoiena was the first region to witness the Left and the Mining. From 2 January, the citizens of Aretxabaleta, Arrasate, Bergara, Eskoriatza and Oñati can use the Movement Sports Card in any municipality attached to this initiative. So far, in just 13 days, 350 municipalities have been used in sports services in these five towns. Likewise, from now on, Laudio and Amurrio de Alava will also launch the Sports Card, which means that the combined service for the use of sports facilities will reach 16 municipalities, with a total area of ​​over 355,000 inhabitants.

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