The United States neutralized the assassins of the Islamic State, and an explosion erupted in Kabul

The United States today carried out an air strike on a vehicle in Kabul, eliminating the threat of a suicide attack on an international airport. According to the AP agency, a spokesman for the US military said this today, thus confirming previous information from sources.

The targeted attack, which was targeted by assassins from the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization, was previously reported by unnamed US officials and the radical Islamist Taliban movement, which ruled Afghanistan two weeks ago.

Army spokesman William Urban called an air attack from an unmanned aircraft an act of self-defense. Authorities are investigating whether civilians have died from it. However, according to the spokesman, there is no indication of this possibility yet. “We are convinced that we have successfully hit the target,” said Urban.

“A significant secondary explosion from the vehicle indicates that there was a large amount of explosive in it,” the spokesman added.

The United States warned tonight that another terrorist attack was imminent at Kabul Airport.

Afghan police had previously announced that a rocket had struck a neighborhood northwest of Kabul Airport today, killing one child. An unnamed Afghan official later spoke of three dead children killed in a drone attack, the AP agency reported. According to her, local officials initially stated that these were two different incidents, but this was not confirmed.

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Afghan television ArianaNews reported eyewitnesses about six dead, four of them, after a mortar shell exploded in a house near Kabul Airport. It is not clear whether she did not actually describe an American air strike.

Western countries are ending evacuation operations at the airport that began after the Islamic Taliban came to power in mid-August.

Foreigners and their Afghan co-workers are mainly transported to safety. The Islamic State-Khorasan terrorist organization, which is an enemy of both the West and the Taliban, claimed responsibility for Thursday’s assassination.

News of the new explosion in Kabul also appeared on twitter today. Some people shared images showing a large cloud of black smoke. According to the DPA, two local journalists said that a private house near the airport was hit by a rocket. The head of the Afghan police told the AP agency that the missile hit a neighborhood northwest of Kabul airport.