The US has published a report on UFOs. The government was able to explain 1 of the 144 meetings

The declassified report states that scientists were able to explain only one of 144 observations of unidentifiable flying objects (UFOs) between 2004 and 2021. However, most of the events evaluated have taken place in the last two years. These observations were often made during military training activities.

“Eighteen of them showed unusual movement or flight characteristics. For example, it was about staying still in place in strong winds or moving at extreme speeds, without it being clear how the object is driven, “the report said. The only retrospectively identified case of UFO sightings was the “big balloon” report.

The report does not mention that some of the observed objects could represent extraterrestrial life. However, this does not mean that the working group has ruled out this possibility, but the military and intelligence services continue to examine this option as a potential threat.

“We have no clear indication that there is any extraterrestrial explanation for the 144 observations we are dealing with – but we will go where the data takes us,” said an unnamed senior US official for CNN.

Observing what the report calls unidentified air phenomena (UAPs) thus “probably has no specific explanation.” “At present, we do not have enough information in our dataset to match incidents to specific explanations,” the UFO intelligence report said in a report.

It is still not known what the UAP was, although the report suggests a number of possible explanations. Most of the Washington Post’s 144 observations can be explained by normal circumstances. In some cases, these may have been man-made objects such as drones or natural atmospheric phenomena. At other times, according to the report, it could be secret tests of the US military or unknown advanced technology created by Russia or China, although the report provides no evidence.

However, most of the captured UAPs were probably real physical objects. Most of them were captured in several ways, including “radar, infrared, electro-optical, and even ordinary visual observation.” In 11 cases, pilots reported according to CNN that they almost collided with these undescribed objects.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner said the frequency of UFO reports “appears to be increasing from 2018 onwards.” “Today’s somewhat unconvincing report is just the beginning of an effort to understand and clarify what these risks pose to aviation in many areas around the country and around the world,” Warner said in a statement.

“The United States must be able to understand and mitigate threats to our pilots, whether they are from drones, weather balloons or enemy intelligence capabilities,” Warner added.

To inform the public about the previously secret activities of the Pentagon’s UFO research group, the US Congress ordered last year after the military announced a number of cases of sightings of objects moving in the sky unpredictably.

Last August, the Pentagon set up a working group on unidentified air phenomena to deal with the reports. The group’s task was to “detect, analyze and catalog” these events and also to “gain insight into the nature and origin of UFOs”.

The nine-page report makes it clear that there is still work to be done to identify these objects, as “limited UAP data hinders our ability to draw firm conclusions.” Investigators were particularly affected by the type of cases in which UFOs allegedly exhibited “unusual flight characteristics”.

According to the report, such observations may “be the result of sensor errors, falsification or misperception of observers”. Despite this problem, however, the report concludes that these objects “clearly pose a problem to air safety and may pose a challenge to US national security.”

Two former Navy pilots told CBS News in May that they saw an object in the Pacific Ocean that seemed to mirror their movement. One of the pilots described it as a “small white object looking like a Tic-Tac”. “And that’s exactly what it looked like, except that it flew very fast and very unpredictable. We could not predict which direction it would turn or what the propulsion was, “a witness and former naval pilot Alex Dietrich told the BBC.

The US Department of Defense released videos taken by pilots in the US Navy last year. You can see flying objects that appear as UFOs. The three published videos show what the pilots were supposed to witness during the training flights in 2004 and 2015.

In addition to the visual showing the objects themselves, the immediate comments of the obviously surprised pilots, who had no idea what they were looking at, also show. A year earlier, the Pentagon itself had published a set of documents and videos depicting UFOs. Some of them have leaked to the public again before, but by posting them on their own sites, the government has confirmed their authenticity.

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