The #veterinary dispensary inaugurated by Prince Laurent at the Carrefour Santé-Social de la Province de Liège

This Friday, June 25, Prince Laurent officially inaugurated the veterinary clinic located within the Carrefour Santé-Social of the Province of Liège. The result of a partnership between the Province of Liège and the Prince Laurent Foundation, the dispensary complements the many associations already present on the site of the Province of Liège.

Open since the end of April, the veterinary clinic of the Prince Laurent Foundation has naturally found its place among the dozens of social associations, partners of the Carrefour Santé-Social de la Province de Liège. As a reminder, this network welcomes all citizens who, in a precarious situation, can no longer ensure, even temporarily, their basic needs or who are no longer able to ensure a satisfactory life for themselves and for their family.

“With the mission of helping humans through animals, the Foundation believes that all animals should be cared for in the same way, regardless of their owner’s resources. By allowing people with limited incomes to benefit from free veterinary care, the Foundation plays an important social role since, very often, the animal is the only link which binds its owner to society and sometimes even to life ”, specifies l ‘association.

Approached by the Province of Liège, the Prince Laurent Foundation was seduced by the social project that the Province wanted to set up and by the opportunity to be able to have an extended space. “The Seraing dispensary had become too narrow and Liège is more accessible for our public. Thanks to the Province, we are installed in refurbished, functional, well thought out and bright premises ”, explains Wendy Feys, head of the Foundation’s dispensaries.

Having become a reference center thanks to its new facilities, the Liège dispensary works with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at ULiège. About fifteen veterinarians from the Faculty provide consultations and interventions, assisted by veterinary students.

Since the opening on April 22, 230 animals have been seen there for consultation, 250 interventions and 70 vaccinations have been performed, 120 new beneficiaries have registered. “These figures show that initiatives such as the Carrefour Santé-Social and the Foundation’s veterinary dispensary meet a need of the vulnerable population and are, unfortunately, more essential than ever”, concludes Katty Firquet, provincial deputy, vice-president. in charge of Health.

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