News the virtual reality game of Spanish football

the virtual reality game of Spanish football


It looks, feels, suffers … and is celebrated. Football is a factory of emotions impossible to contain. Beyond the field, the possibility of feeling LaLiga as a professional footballer is already a reality in the Movistar LaLiga Area, located in the Movistar Center of Plaza Catalunya and open to the public. Raising the LaLiga trophy, having your own personalized chrome or stopping a penalty are some of the little big dreams that visitors can cross out from their 2020 wish list thanks to the strategic alliance between Movistar and LaLiga.

The place where they come true is the Movistar LaLiga Area, a free and interactive space that until February 8 will be open to the public in the heart of Barcelona. Through different experiences that combine virtual reality with tangible elements such as t-shirts and trophies, the goal of this exclusive space is to overcome football barriers by turning fans into protagonists for a day so they feel football from a 'pitch 'different and innovative.

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The visitor stops being a mere observer to live football from new angles and sensory perspectives thanks to the possibilities offered by virtual reality. The virtual, however, shakes hands with the tangible, because the space is completed with different areas of exhibition of equipment and official balls. The inauguration of the Movistar LaLiga Area in Barcelona last January 10 had two exceptional sponsors, LaLiga ambassadors Gaizka Mendieta and Joan Capdevila. Both were delivered to the different activities that the space proposes to the public, testing their senses and reflexes.

Soccer without limits

"It's a really unique opportunity for the football fan," Gaizka Mendieta explained at the opening. The former player toured the different stations and was able to recall his stage as a player. “They are situations that you cannot live in other circumstances. Unique situations that can only be lived here. You get a more real idea of ​​how football can be lived from different points of view, ”Mendieta said.

Together with the former midfielder, Joan Capdevila enjoyed as a child the experience of being a goalkeeper thanks to the virtual reality glasses. "I had never experienced it and we had a good time," said the former player who, however, where he played the most was narrating a goal as if he were a sports commentator. Following the advice that the announcer Carlos Martínez facilitates the visitor when starting this activity in a recording, the Movistar LaLiga Area worked the miracle. “I had never narrated such a goal. I recommend it to everyone. You can watch football differently, ”Capdevila said.

Through the global agreement signed between Movistar and LaLiga, the Movistar LaLiga Area lands for a month in Barcelona to provide the fan a meeting place between the fan and the emotions generated by this sport. "The alliance we have with Movistar is getting us to make football much bigger in Spain, offering entertainment in a very original, innovative and high quality way," said Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga.

New entertainment dimension

A space that aligns with the creation of the own sound identity, built by the hand of the international composer Lucas Vidal, or the improvement of the quality in sports broadcasts, with an experience of viewing the superior parties. In the case of the Movistar LaLiga Area, it is about moving and sharing the emotions that football generates beyond the stadiums. In the words of Javier Muniáin, Marketing Manager of Telefónica Catalunya, “he wants to approach how the world of football is lived from within”.

For this, the company provides “technological, innovative and fun solutions so that everyone can enter and play” in an exhibition that will be open until February 8. "Being able to take the Laliga cup and make a celebration in the center of the field, take a throw-in or stop a penalty in a field is an immersive experience that gives us the technology to live football in another way," Muniáin added at the opening

A space with interactive activities open to everyone

Long-awaited experiences that are impossible to conceive become a reality so that everyone, whether fond of football or not, can get to know this sport and enjoy it through different activities. The Movistar LaLiga Area wants, in fact, to go beyond the football fan who already knows where and how this sport looks. The goal is that those who are not so football fans can approach this sport through the technology offered by eSports or virtual reality.

Other activities that can be enjoyed by attendees who approach the Movistar Center of Plaza Catalunya range from being tested with a question quiz to taking a picture with the official LaLiga ball, going through the exhibition of equipment LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank or have your own personalized chrome as a professional LaLiga souvenir player, in addition to a prize roulette.

The space also has a children's area and instructors that accompany and guide the fan in each activity, as they did with Mendieta and Capdevila, responsible for premiering some of the activities while being surprised at the ability and realism of some of experiences The Movistar LaLiga Area will travel, with Barcelona, ​​up to 26 cities. All information on dates and address is available at

In this space in Barcelona, ​​more activities will be organized such as player signatures, radio gatherings, etc., that want to add experiences so that the passage through the Movistar LaLiga Area always offers the visitor something new and memorable about LaLiga. The 10 LaLiga Santander games and the 11 LaLiga SmartBank matches of the day that can be seen in Movistar + every week (including the one that is broadcast in GOL) will remind you of everything that can be felt beyond the matches.


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