“The Voice Kids” “Power Biscuit” Anisa wins the final


The smallest was the biggest in the end! The 10-year-old Anisa from Kreuzwertheim (Bavaria) won the final of “The Voice Kids” (Sat1) on Sunday evening. By the way, the nearly one-meter-long voice miracle also made Coach Mark Forster (34) happy, who finally got the trophy back into his team. When the decision was announced at 11.20pm, Anisa made a mighty crush on all the sixth-season contenders and even turned the lid of the Winners’ Cup on their heads with enthusiasm. Previously, she had provided for the goosebump moment of the evening with her final song “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel (46). Mark is quite enraptured by his protégé: “Anisa brings so much good humor and so much love in here. And she sang it great! “From his coach, the young talent then got the nickname” power biscuit “.

“The Voice Kids” finale

In total, nine talents (three per team) competed against each other in the final. But already in round one was sifted out strong, because only one candidate each continued. Anisa convinced with “Happy” by Pharrell Williams (45). Mark Forster full of admiration: “You are a meter of concentrated energy. That was a great performance. It made me very happy. “Also surprised the competition. Coach Max Giesinger (29) completely stunned: “From you comes out so a voice, you have such a crazy energy. I do not know where you get that. ”
Shortly thereafter, Rihanna fan Anisa was in the final round with Santiago (14, Team Larena) and Benicio (12, Team Max). Already there were tears of joy in the little singer. Moderator Thore Schölermann (33) was touched by so much emotion: “They have to dry fast now. You’re over again. ”

Winning duo: Anisa joined the team of Mark Forster

Finally, the cute candidate with her final song showed the guys where the hammer hangs. Her mega voice also convinced the TV viewers. Finally, Anisa was voted most successful with the most calls. The small multi-talent, who incidentally also plays the guitar and dances, thus beckons a training grant of 15,000 euros and a record deal. In addition, Anisa may sing the title song of the new Disney movie. Mark Forster’s “Power Biscuit” still has a lot to do … More celebrity news is available BILD Facebook – follow now!


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