The Walking Dead: "The Walking Dead": Harmony Alert in the Zombie Apocalypse

The Walking Dead: "The Walking Dead": Harmony Alert in the Zombie Apocalypse

And now it’s over again, the eighth season of “The Walking Dead”. The grand finale will surprise you in an unusual way for the zombie series …
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 51) against Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln, 44), evil against not so good – that was the seventh and the now finished eighth season of “The Walking Dead”
the initial situation. Episode 16 with the already telling title called “The Last Battle” has ushered in a whole new era in the zombie show. What exactly happened can be read here. The unsurprising, yet haunting warning at this point: Attention, there are massive spoilers on the final episode of season eight!
Traitors and double traitors

The zombie classic par excellence, “Dawn Of The Dead” by George A. Romero, you can order here

The last episode of the current season took refreshingly few side-by-side venues. Only the decisive battle between Negan and Rick was the center of attention, but it was over almost as fast as it could begin. Although Rick and his many followers of the clever trap of the rogue Negan were indeed on the line and looked in the open field and surrounded on all sides like safe zombie food. No one on either side would have expected supernatural Eugene (Josh McDermitt, 39) to save the day.
He was established in the past episodes as the perfectly corrupted Negan stooge – but had cleverly used his growing confidence to stab the baseball bat-wielding villain at the crucial moment. When Negan’s army opened fire on Rick’s helpless group, the bullets prepared by Eugene exploded in their rifles. In one fell swoop, Negan’s impressive fighting force was so out of action.
head to head
The epochally defeated Negan made an immediate escape, but was eventually put off by – how could it be otherwise – Rick. After a brief fight, Rick finally managed to fatally injure his nemesis on the neck – but at this moment he remembers the admonitory words of his dead son Carl.
He must finally regain his lost humanity to prevent future bloodshed, as the last appeal of his dead boy. And so Rick smoothly ordered the doctor Siddiq to save the life of the Negress. Much to the annoyance of Maggie (Lauren Cohen, 36), whose husband Glenn (Steven Yeun, 34) was once so brutally murdered by Negan. Whether Rick made an enemy in his own ranks with his decision? This was at least suggested pregnant.
And otherwise?
In one fell swoop, the two-year-long war had ended rather abruptly and almost harmoniously. Negan’s followers all got away with their lives and even the good guys did not bite anyone in the final. In fact, this time the biggest surprise was that there were no dead. Quite refreshing, but certainly too anticlimactic for some fans.
Dwight (Austin Amelio, 29) was also chosen by fan favorite Daryl (Norman Reedus, 49, “The bloody path of God”
Grace granted. For the anti-hero with the nasty burn, even the happy ending was promised to be allowed to drive together with his wife Sherry into the sunset. Even though you should be skeptical about so much icing in the zombie hunt, the ninth season will certainly bring new dangers with it. Especially as Negan will wait like a freshly caged lion just for his chance to strike …

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