The WhatsApp trick to send a message whenever you want

Between work, relationships, friendships, family, study and so on, WhatsApp is the hottest and hottest platform on your phone. It is certainly very useful to keep the thread of our relationships and allow us to communicate quickly and effectively, but it would be useful to add an extra level of organization to help us better manage all our occupations.

The good news, however, is that there is a trick to organize your conversations in detail, that is, allowing you to schedule a message, choose the day and time it should arrive, so that it does not overlap with the thousand things to do during the day. .

Oscar WongGetty Images

It’s called SKEDit and it’s an application that allows you to calmly program what you have to write. Example: if on Monday you absolutely have to confirm an appointment or send an important work message, then you can easily prepare it the week before and put it in the heat already.

You will receive a confirmation notification upon submission, so you can also choose to change your mind and cancel everything.