The irony of Frank is that the only thing he works hard at is not working. Whether it's feigning disability, stealing from his family, or coming up with a get-rich-quick scam, the Gallagher Patriarch is going to get a cash without ever having a real job.

One of Frank's longest-running cons in the Aunt Ginger, a deceased member of the family. The rest of the Gallaghers, along with Uncle Sam, believe that Ginger simply moved away. But when the federal government suspects fraud, Frank has become "aunt ginger" or risk imprisonment. He manipulates Fiona and her friend Veronica into helping, making them accomplishments in the process.

They find Alzheimer's patient at the nursing home where Veronica works, then kidnap the woman and parade around as "Aunt Ginger." Frank uses the helpless elderly woman as a simple prop, lying to the authorities and the rest of his family in the process. He creates a bond with the woman she thinks is her relative, never informing her that this new maternal figure is actually a stranger.


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