There are 5 Weton Men often fight for women, they are rare men!

North Sulawesi portal – Nowadays it’s hard to find perfect men.

They have good qualities and are complete, loyal, honest, not easily angered, caring, hardworking, successful and obedient in worship.

Because they have almost perfect traits and characters, they are quite rare in this day and age.

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According to Javanese Primbon, there are 5 male wetons that women fight for, because they have almost perfect traits and characters.

So, what are the 4 Weton men weton?

Quoted from North Sulawesi Portal, May 16, 2022, citing Youtube GandulTV, Mbah Mandor Yono, Here are 4 male wetons who are wanted by women

  1. Thursday Pon

People born on Thursday Pon Weton have a calm mind and a cool heart.

They are not easily ignited by emotions, in Javanese Primbon they are referred to as “Antengthink,”.

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