“There could be some mistake there…”

UEFA and the French police are in the spotlight after what happened outside Saint-Denis in the run-up to the Champions League final. Some incidents that forced to delay the start of the final between Liverpool and Real Madrid and that turned the access of English fans to the stadium in chaos.

Pablo Pérez, spokesman for Jupol, pointed out in an interview with Manu Sánchez in the morning news the possible mistakes that could have been made.

“Something fundamental is a collection point for hobbies ande takes them bagged up to the security rings. I think there could be some mistake there. By not going well bagged to the access points, they enter from anywhere and fans without a ticket can slip in,” said Pablo Pérez.

“Here, thank God, we have one of the best police officers in the world. And we had the proof recently with the UEFA Europa League final without any incident and also with an English team,” said the spokesman for Jupol.

“We know from experience that although the police device is made in conditions there are times when the orders received are not adequate to the needs and it ends as it ends”, warned Pablo Pérez.

The Jupol spokesman has valued the work of the Spanish Police in sporting events and finals.

“Here the final of the Copa Libertadores has been held and it was brought here and held without any incident. What worries the most is security and for that different police units have to be coordinated,” Pablo Pérez has sentenced.

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