May 20, 2020 – 01:03
It is due to the high demand for the new system of virtual classes and work from home by virtue of the isolation. There is also no replacement of stock because the factories are not producing and it is not importing either.

Faced with this new reality generated by the expansion of the new coronavirus around the world, commercial premises exclusively selling computer items and household appliances are out of stock of computers, tablets and cell phones.

After a tour of El Tribuno through the different commercial premises of the capital city center, in addition to a notable increase in attendance at these shops, a strong demand for these items and also for basic appliances from the white line could be observed.

The demand is great but the supply is extremely low: it was possible to see only one notebook model per business premises and the same situation for cell phones. And it is a reality that there are even businesses that directly no longer have them in stock and their gondolas are empty.

Sellers from different businesses reported that the only thing they have available for sale are notebooks but basic models with 2 GB and 500 Mb of memory only for Word and Excel jobs and that the prices of these machines range from $ 37,000 to $ 56,000.

They indicated that the lack of stock is due to the great demand that there was on the part of Jujuy derived from the implementation of virtual classes for students and the home office (work from home) as a preventive measure, a situation that put more than one in need of a computer.

“The big problem is that we are all short of supplies. Before the supply frequency was 5 or 6 trucks but now it has been restricted to 1 to 2 trucks,” commented a sales manager. Along the same lines, from another commercial premises they also indicated that they are now “out of stock” because “everything that was left from before the pandemic was sold” and they are “out of supply until further notice”, because “the factories are not producing for the pandemic, there is no internal production either because they are not essential items and also because the inputs used for their manufacture are imported and nothing is entering the country, “he explained.

However, the managers consulted indicated that a new entry of merchandise is expected within seven and fifteen days, but that they are not sure that these deadlines will be met and that everything will depend on how the business is behaving at this time.

Sales boost

Since the reopening of shops in the province it was known that there was a strong boost in sales and that the best-selling items were cell phones, tablets, computers, LED televisions, refrigerators and washing machines.

In dialogue with El Tribuno, a sales manager of an electrical appliance house explained that the current trend is that “the customer pays what is available before the possibility that the merchandise reaches another price”, and that this would be the reason why their sales increased.

“The first thing that is sold is cell phones, notebooks, printers and tablets, that is, everything that allows you to connect. But it is also true that people come to see what they can invest their money in before prices skyrocket and that’s why too they buy refrigerators, freezers and washing machines, “reported another salon manager.

Finally, they also agreed that to date and since the reopening of the shops, their sales reached 60 to 100% of the total they registered before isolation, and some even indicated that they are selling more than before.

Faced with missing, they resort to repairing old notebooks

A phenomenon derived from the generalized shortage of computers and tablets, currently necessary items for virtual classes and remote work, is the increase in orders for repairs to equipment that were left at home and the unlocking of netbooks from the “Connect Equality” program ”. “Regarding the subject of virtual classes, there is a boom in government netbooks, since due to the lack of assistance, most of them were blocked and it was this that led us to receive many requests for solutions to this problem, because for many kids that is the only resource they have available to be able to attend the classes ”, informed the computer technician Cristian Aliaga. He also indicated that among the main queries they received during isolation were to “activate Windows that have already expired or packages that contain Word and Excel in order to work. They also ask us a lot to install these new tools such as Zoom and Skype for video calls ”.

Remote technical service

Given the restrictions on circulation, “we noticed a boom in terms of online consultations”, a situation that “led us to readjust in the field and begin to offer remote technical service,” said the technician, who explained that it consists of “connecting to computers of users through tools and from here to carry out repairs without having to go to the customer’s home ”, a service in pursuit of health care. Beyond the repair orders, it can also be observed that, given the urgent need to have a computer in the home, there are several publications in the buying and selling groups that seek to buy used and even rented equipment due to the impossibility of buying new ones.

They ask to comply with the exit according to DNI

Despite being fortunate for the great movement in their sales rooms, from the different commercial premises they asked Jujuy consumers that in compliance with current protocols the DNI terminations are respected when going to buy. They reported from a business located on the Belgrano pedestrian street that “we had to ask the COE to send us a person to be at the entrance door, because there were many people who did not meet their departure day; she wanted to enter the premises anyway and she got upset when we didn’t let her in.

They also indicated that there are many people who demand to enter the sales room accompanied by a relative, when only one person is allowed. That is why they requested that in order to avoid inconveniences and the respective fines applied by the Emergency Operational Committee (COE), the even and odd mechanism and individual entry to commercial premises be respected, for the good of all.


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