There is an honorary teacher who pays IDR 300,000 per month


Member of Commission IX DPR RI Krisdayanti held a dialogue with teachers and students of SMPN 25 Jakarta as well as a number of members of the Indonesian Teachers’ Association (PGRI) ahead of the 2022 National Teacher’s Day.

During the audience, Krisdayanti, teachers and students discussed issues and ideas related to physical and mental health in schools. It was later discovered that one of the teachers supporting the health and anti-bullying program at school was still an honorary teacher.

Krisdayanti said, for National Teacher’s Day 2022, she hopes that the government in the future can provide proper welfare for teachers. Because, with their welfare conditions, honorary teachers still give their best when educating students.

“Of course (on the issue of) honorary teachers there are still complaints. It is said that they are strong, they are great, they don’t want to get down in the teaching and learning process, later the students don’t have a figure,” KD said to detikEdu, Thursday (24/ 11/2022).

The member of Commission IX of the DPR RI in charge of Education, Health and Welfare also highlighted how teachers need to live properly in a healthy environment.

“Those around them, those in the media too, there are still honorary teachers who earn Rp. 300,000 a month, live in the school environment, in the toilet section, this is something that we don’t deserve to give to teachers. They are light bulbs, teaches us a lesson. Being a role model for parents who are passed on to educate children is in the hands of the teacher,” said Krisdayanti.

“So my hope is that the government is really present, there are no gaps, and provides proper welfare for teachers, by making them ASN,” he added.

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Krisdayanti added that she also hoped that the teaching-learning process with Merdeka Learning would support two-way communication between teachers and students in the future.

“I want, according to the government’s program, Merdeka Learning can actually make the teaching-learning process a necessity. It is hoped that teachers with deeper and simpler language can carry out a teaching-learning process that is more in line with the competence of the children. “With simpler language, it can also touch children, it’s more two-way,” he said.

“It is also hoped that teachers can teach out of the box, not fixated on the curriculum. Now we are in project (-based learning) discussing things that are happening in society,” added Krisdayanti.

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