“There is still nothing better than sex before falling asleep”: when Guillaume Canet confides in his nights

Insomnia, remedies, private life … The director, husband of Marion Cotillard, confided in an interview for the October edition of the magazine Marie Claire.

While his new film His hitting theaters on October 27, the director and actor answered some rather intimate questions for the “13 questions after midnight” column in the October issue of the magazine Marie Claire.

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“Lexo and firecrackers”

Among these thirteen questions, Guillaume Canet confided in his family life, his married life, his evenings but also on his insomnia problems. When the sandman has been in the household for a long time, the 48-year-old director recounts that he remains to think about it and finds it difficult to close his eyes. Medication, drug, meditation, the actor indulged in several processes. “At one point, I took Lexo (lexomil, a tranquilizer drug, editor’s note), it didn’t work for me at all. I learned to calm down differently. Firecrackers, long, and now meditation, ”he admits.

But since then he seems to have discovered the ultimate cure. “There is still nothing better than sex before falling asleep,” he enthusiastically answered the question about his “after midnight fuels”. His companion Marion Cotillard, who likes to heckle him on the networks, has not yet reacted to this confidence.

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The Oscar-winning actor and director and actress met on the set of the film Child games (2003), by Yann Samuell. They have been together for fourteen years and are the parents of two children, Louise and Marcel. The actress gives him the answer in Guillaume Canet’s autoparodic film, Rock’n Roll (2017). In the new Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom which will be released in 2022, the duo will be reunited again, she as Cleopatra and sporting a beautiful mustache to embody the intrepid Asterix.

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