There were preparations for an assassination attempt, but the target was not the Prosecutor General

The public was misled in the first hours after the assassination attempt against the chief prosecutor, and the contradictory data provoked mistrust of the state institutions and gave the opportunity for improvisations and various conclusions. This was said by Tsvetan Tsvetanov, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs, chairman of Republicans for Bulgaria, in the political podcast “Directly in the News” with Stefan Kunchev on
Referring to experts, Tsvetanov explained that the explosion was placed on the road in such a way that it was clear in advance that it would not cause serious damage, and the person who caused the explosion had a visual idea when the car of the chief prosecutor was passing.
This involves intercepting the conversations in the area carried out through the mobile operators before, during and after the assassination attempt. When the conducted communications are removed from the operators’ cells, the case can begin to be unraveled through the used SIM cards and their holders, as potential perpetrators. However, Tsvetanov is adamant that the case of Ivan Geshev’s motorcade will not be revealed.
Tsvetan Tsvetanov does not find a motive for this assassination attempt and assumes that only a public effect was sought to coincide with the resolution of the political crisis and the formation of a regular government. According to him, security in the country will be put in the foreground and the understanding of GERB with DPS, BSP and ITN will be explained, and “Vazrazhdane” will become a key factor in guaranteeing a quorum in the 49th National Assembly.

2023-05-06 08:39:00

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