These 4 PDIP DPD obey Megawati regarding the 2024 presidential candidate

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The four chairmen of the PDI-P Regional Leadership Council stated that they were not affected by the issue of the 2024 presidential-vice presidential candidates.

The chairman of the Aceh PDIP DPD, Muslahuddin Daud, said that all bull party cadres in Aceh are upright that the 2024 presidential candidate’s decision is Megawati Soekarnoputri’s prerogative. The cadre’s job, he said, is to prepare the structure and movement for the win.

“As party officials, we are ready to carry out instructions so that in the field we are ready to carry out the victory,” said Muslahuddin, quoted from a written statement, Sunday, October 31, 2021.

Chairman of the West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) PDIP DPD Rachmat Hidayat said the cadres are currently focused on carrying out the instructions of the central management to consolidate all structural and cadre strengths. He assessed that the issue of presidential and vice-presidential candidates that emerged now was an issue that was deliberately raised by certain parties to disrupt the consolidation of the PDIP.

Even so, Rachmat said the DPD PDIP NTB was not disturbed. He said the bull party was used to dealing with these kinds of disturbances.

“It’s normal to try to be pitted against the issue of presidential candidates. They want to disturb us because we are big,” said Rachmat.

The chairman of the South Sulawesi PDIP DPD, Andi Ridwan Wittiri, made sure his staff remained upright in handing over the decisions of the presidential and vice presidential candidates to Megawati, as mandated by the congress.

“And for us, according to previous experiences, if the structure and field are ready, whoever the presidential and vice presidential candidates are, we will fight with full confidence to win,” said Wittiri.

Chairman of the West Java PDIP DPD Ono Surono said he would soon carry out a political safari to the southern part of West Java. This is in order to continue to strengthen the consolidation of winning there.

Ono said that for West Java PDIP cadres, the matter of presidential and vice-presidential candidates was not more important than the consolidation of structures, party machinery, and people’s organization. He also brought up the experience of the 2014 election when Megawati decided to nominate Jokowi as a presidential candidate six months before the election.

Unlike today, he said, when a number of parties are trying to ‘force’ their party to rush to determine a candidate. “And we make sure, volunteers in West Java will only be formed after the decision of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates is taken by the General Chairwoman,” said Ono.

Since Saturday, October 30, 2021, all DPD PDIP heads have gathered at the Party School Building, located at Jalan Lenteng Agung Number 99, South Jakarta. They held a Coordination Meeting (Rakor) of the Pre-National Work Meeting (Rakernas) scheduled for 1-3 December 2021.

PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto said all the statements of the DPD leaders proved the solidity of the party. Megawati, he said, always gave the message that maintaining people’s trust was the main thing.

According to Hasto, maintaining the public’s trust cannot be done by imaging figures alone. Instead, he said, it must be through consolidation and organizational work within the PDIP. “That’s the key to our victory in 2024,” said Hasto.

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