These are Bankinter’s measures to alleviate the impact of coronavirus

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Bankinter has launched a shock plan to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on its operations clients, both for the cessation of their activity, in the case of companies and the self-employed, as well as a sharp drop in income due to an unemployment situation, ERTO or similar, in the case of individuals. It is a battery of compromises that also affect suppliers and employees.

To make known and facilitate access to the measures implemented, the entity has created a new web space,, which gathers in one place all the actions that the bank has been implementing since the crisis, as well as the new initiatives that are being generated for the next few days.

“This will happen and we will be here with you”

On this website you can see the “clear and testable commitments” that the Bankinter CEO Maria Dolores Dancausa has subscribed, in the first person, and through an open letter to all these stakeholders. For them, the chief executive of the bank sends one message of optimism and confidence, in which he emphasizes that “this will happen and we will be here with you”. “There is nothing more powerful than people committing to people today,” the CEO said in a letter.

Among the commitments made are: keep the job of all bank employees, thus continuing with an interrupted period of seven years generating quality employment.

In the field of private clients, the CEO of Bankinter agrees to allow the grace period of up to four months to be extended in the payment of the mortgage capital to those families who have suffered the impact of the crisis but who do not qualify for the mortgage moratorium approved in the Royal Decree Law.

Dancausa also ratifies simplify the conditions of income of the Payroll and Professional Account for all its current holders, so that they continue to enjoy all its advantages and commission exemption; as well as advance the collection of the pension in five days to the usual date for all client pensioners.

As for companies, the Chief Executive Officer assumes different commitments, such as “implementing from now on the initiatives promoted by the Government, making available a line of financing of € 100,000 million“.

A measure that joins the rest of the initiatives and credit facilities announced by the bank for its corporate clients, which are detailed in the new website, such as: defaults on loans for certain clients, the possibility of increasing or replacing the unused limits of ‘multiline financing’, or to allocate pre-authorized loans – tax payment and social insurance plans – to any other purpose, among others.

The web page also includes the measures applied for other groups, such as the ones of suppliers, for which the bank has approved advance payment of all your bills, setting a maximum period of 15 days, which means five days in advance of the current term, which is, on average, in the 20.



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