These are the famous people who have died one day 28 Is the curse real? | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- 2020 reminded us that there have been several celebrities who have said goodbye to the underworld, so there are people who today are waiting for the possible death of a celebrity, stating that this day is cursed.

Also in 2020, but in August, the death of the comedian was unexpectedly announced Manuel “Loco” Valdés, who would leave the world a Friday 28 after suffering several months from his deteriorating health.

The December 28th the death of the Yucatecan singer-songwriter was reported, Armando Manzanero, who at age 85 lost the battle against him Covid-19, Internet users once again assure that the “curse of number 28” that haunts famous people is real.

The unfortunate news caused Internet users to begin to make a series of reflections in which they highlighted that he was not the first famous person to die on that date. The list of people generated that several will ensure that the “28“It has a curse that many of us have not noticed until now.

Other celebrities who died on 28

Due to the delicate health condition that he had endured for several months “The Divo of Juárez“He passed away on August 28, 2016, as made known by family, friends and colleagues through social networks.

Although Juan Gabriel He is not the only musician who shares the 28 as the end date of his days, since also the “Prince of the song”, José José died a September 28.

Also one of the celebrities who joins this long list is the playwright and actor Roberto Gómez Bolaños, best known in all Latin America What “spirit“, the creator of great characters like”El Chavo del 8” and “El Chapulín Colorado“a November 28, 2014

All these deaths in one 28 have been led to believe that the number has something “macabre and mysterious” however, it could be a rare but possible coincidence. However, this curious situation has caused some Internet users to “warn” as a joke, personalities such as Queen Isabel, Silvia Pinal and Chabelo.

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