They are dueling with each other in Sztárban Sztár’s Sunday show

In the 9th season of Sztárban Sztár, the six celebrities who are still in the competition will sing to reach the semi-finals on Sunday.

This time, the singers have to hide in the shoes of not one, but two well-known performers, and in their second production, they will be dueling with each other.

Source: TV2 Press Room

After last week’s double elimination, an exciting evening awaits this Sunday as well Star in Star to its competitors. This time, the singers are not only preparing for the solo productions given to them by Tilla, but also have to compete with each other. The stake is to reach next week’s semi-finals.

In dueling productions Petra Gubik and Barbara Schoblocher as Christina Aguilera trying to impress the jury and the audience, while Ibolya Oláh and Tomi Sipos are the frontmen of Hooligans, Csipa hides in your skin. Milán Valkusz and Captain Trap are Scooter with a mix of his greatest hits, they will rev up the atmosphere of Sunday evening.

Source: TV2 Press Room

During the solo productions, the usual scoring and voting takes place, while during the duels, the jury and the audience have to decide which contestant brought the Hungarian or foreign celebrity to life better.

Source: TV2 Press Room

At the end of the first round of voting, based on the total points, it will be revealed who will be the winner of the day, and at the end of the second round, it will be decided who are the two singers who will definitely advance to the semi-finals on April 2. From the last three places – as in the previous weeks – the jury will save someone, while the fate of the two contestants in the danger zone will be decided exclusively by the spectators this time.

(TV2 Press Room)

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