They caught the boy who broke the glass of the Roman stadium

The police in Plovdiv have identified and detained the perpetrator of the damage to the glass railings of the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv in less than a day, after officials from the Fourth RU had revealed the identity of the two young men involved in the vandalism that caused serious material damage in the area of ​​the national cultural monument in the regional city. On Monday, the uniformed officers reported themselves after publications in the media, and subsequently an official signal was received from OP “Municipal Security”. After many active operational and search actions, investigators tracked down two 25-year-olds yesterday. This morning, explanations were taken from them, in which one made a confession about what he did under the influence of alcohol. The perpetrator is detained for up to 24 hours. The materials from the preliminary inspection are to be submitted to the District Prosecutor’s Office – Plovdiv for a ruling on jurisdiction.

The police have worked quickly and efficiently to catch the young man who broke the glass of the Roman stadium. This is a great example of how law enforcement is working to protect cultural monuments and ensure that justice is served. It also serves as a warning to those who are considering similar acts of vandalism that they will be held accountable for their actions.