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They fine Machado for kicking Aguilar

Major League Baseball fined Dodgers star Manny Machado yesterday for slightly kicking Milwaukee first baseman Jesus Aguilar in the fourth game of the National League Championship Series.

The penalty for an amount not specified was announced a day after the action of Machado caused the players of both teams to leave their caves at Dodger Stadium. Christian Yelich, the Brewers Most Valuable Player Award nominee, labeled the shortstop in Los Angeles as dirty.

"I do not think we're too focused on the comments from the other teams about our players," Los Angeles manager Dave Roberts dismissed before yesterday's game. "I know I speak for Manny when I say that he is ready to help us win, without the other occupying an important place in our mind."

Machado ran to first base after hitting a shot in the tenth inning when he kicked the Venezuelan Aguilar in the left foot, which was stepping on the base after catching the ball. Machado, who had already been sung out, hit Aguilar with the instep, who was on his side.

"He is a player who has a track record in this type of incident," Yelich recalled about Machado. "Once it can be an accident, if you repeat it again and again and again, you're just a dirty player, it was a dirty play on the part of a dirty player."

Craig Counsell, manager of the Brewers, ruled out the possibility that the incident could distract his team.

"You say to yourself, 'We're two games away from the World Series.' And that's probably all there is to it," Counsell said. "The rest simply fades away, for me, it's insignificant."

Machado's sporting attitude has been in question since 2014, when he played with the Baltimore Orioles and threw his bat to Venezuelan third baseman Alberto Callaspo during a confrontation against the Oakland Athletics.

Two years later, he starred in a brawl against compatriot Yordano Ventura, now deceased, who had hit him during a game between the Orioles and the Kansas City Royals.

After the game's broadcast on Tuesday, ex-Alexey Rodriguez asked if Machado's frequent altercations could reduce interest in his services in the next free agent market.

"This is like a beauty pageant, there are 30 owners and they all want you now," said A-Rod. "You do not want four or five owners to come together and say, 'Hey, did you see what Manny did? Did you see that? Yes, we're not interested in him, we like him but we're not interested.' You're losing tens of millions of dollars for second if that becomes the story. "

Machado, who injured Boston's second baseman Dustin Pedroia last year with an aggressive slide, has been singled out a couple of times in this series for his sweeps in the middle.

After connecting a single in the 13th inning, Machado embraced Aguilar and ended up scoring the victory run, pulling to put the scoreboard 2-1 and getting Los Angeles to tie the 2-2 series with Milwaukee.

After the duel, Machado and Aguilar denied that there were discord between them. The Venezuelan said that Machado had apologized to him.

In the game on Wednesday, Machado took a pitch, without the incident happened to greater.

The players union refused to comment on the fine to Machado.

They fine Machado for kicking Aguilar

Jesús Aguilar (d) argues with Manny Machado (i) after the Dodgers player lightly kicked Brewers first baseman.


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