They investigated the death of the father and the toddler for many months. The revelation crushed everyone

After nine months, New York state police have closed the case of the death of a 59-year-old man and his two-year-old son. Both were found dead in an apartment in February where there were no signs of forced entry. The conclusion of the investigation revealed that the circumstances of the boy’s death were very tragic. His father died of a heart attack and because they lived alone together, the child suffered from hunger for so long that he finally died.

Details of the conclusion of the investigation were published by USA Today with reference to the Ontario County Police Department in the state of New York. It received information on the emergency line on February 15 of this year that no one had seen 59-year-old David Conde and his two-year-old son David Junior for a week.

When they reached their apartment in the city of Geneva, they were met with a sad sight. The dead body of the father was lying in the bed and a little boy was also found near him. He showed no signs of life either. There were no signs of forced entry in the apartment, and the condition of the bodies upon examination did not indicate a violent death. But the police did not know what was behind the tragedy.

“It will be several weeks to months before the toxicology results are available,” Police Chief David Cirencione said at the time. “We want to do everything we can to give the family answers,” he added. Now, nine months later, it’s clear.

According to the police, the man died of a heart attack. The two-year-old boy died some time after him, the cause was starvation. Although the police found food in the apartment during the search, the child was apparently too young to be able to find it and feed himself.

The investigation was thus terminated. The case did not leave even seasoned policemen cold. “It was very difficult for us to be on the scene. You don’t see something like this every day,” Cirencione said.

Initially, after the bodies were found, investigators believed hypothermia was the cause of death, News10NBC reported at the time. The electric direct heaters were turned off when the apartment was broken into and it was very cold inside. They were both dressed in pajamas. There was also a gas boiler in the apartment, so carbon monoxide poisoning was one of the investigative versions.

According to the police, the father had the boy in his care almost since birth. His mother did not show much interest in him and apparently had not been in contact with him recently before his death.

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